Good morning! It's a lovely California day, so how about some California style? From my desk window, I can spot 8 palm trees. On my shorts I can spot the same amount. Coincidence? Not likely. I mean hello! I love tropical print, hence my Tropical Print Inspiration. Tropical print is one of the hottest summer trends right now. The weird thing is, I've never been to a tropical destination. Have you?

If it looks as though I'm staring coyly into the camera it's because the sun was so bright. Surprised my eyes are even open. Anyway, I actually consulted with the boyfriend on which shirt to pair these shorts with. They're bright & vibrant, a statement piece itself. We liked the bright blue spaghetti strap rather than the pink & white flamingo crop top, which was my other choice. But it would've been too busy. Plus, I like the mixture of tropical print with blue. It's kind of symbolic of the blue tropic skies.

La dee da. It's a joyous day. You can tell that summer is just around the corner. The mornings are warmer. The nights are longer. I just want to wear shorts all the time. I wish I had worked out a little more & were a little tanner, but summer creeped up on me. Hey, it's never to late to make a change. So...I've been eating cleaner & upping my 'workouts.' Let's be real, I could work out more. But any healthy lifestyle change is a positive change. 

Tank: Forever 21 // Shorts: Kohl's // Boots: H&M

My questions to you are: are you ready for summer? What are you most looking forward to? Did you delay on working out like I did? :]

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