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5 Affordable & Easy Date Ideas

So...you're on a budget. You can't afford $100 meals each time you go out with your sweetie pie. Or you don't want to put in hours of thought & effort for your blind date. Or you only have a few hours of spare time this week because you have a really important work deadline looming. 

Don't worry. I've got you covered with these 5 cheap & easy date ideas! You can print this to impress your honey boobear with fabulous dates or you can read it with friends to have a more exciting outing. These ideas are versatile. You can tweak, alter or add to your liking. 

Life is short. Life is precious. Don't get stuck in a "Let's just order pizza and watch Netflix" rut. Read this list for 5 cheap & easy date ideas to switch it up a bit. Use this list. Live this list!

1. Play billiards - Head to your local bar or the sports club & play a few games of pool. Challenge your partner. Make it interesting. The person who wins the best of five games gets a free drink courtesy of the loser. Or the loser gets to pay for the next date! You choose! ;]

2. Watch a film at the drive-in - Ooooh yeah. Drive-in movies are so. much. fun. Nothing beats the thrill of the big screen. Go to Drive-Ins to find out where your nearest drive-in is. No excuses! Sometimes they show the classics, sometimes they show current movies, depends on your theatre. Drive-ins add a touch of pizzazz to the date. Try this one out for sure.

3. Go on a nature walk - If you don't know any cool parks, reserves, arboretums, etc. in your area, research it. Do something other than "I'll pick you up at 8 p.m. for dinner & a movie." Get together with your date in the early afternoon, say 3 p.m. Make an adventure out of it. Let the sun's rays warm your soul together! 

4. Eat at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant - You pass by a sign that says "Thai Food" on your way to your ice skating adventure. That's all the sign tells you. The restaurant is small, nameless, and unknown. You decide this is where you're going for lunch. 

5. Drive downtown - Go to your city's downtown area. Even if you live in a little town, you still have some sort of downtown area. Walk the streets of your city. Gander at shops. Pretend you're a tourist and create random accents. Is there street art? Is it busy? What seems to be the most popular spot? Experience what the heart of your city has to offer. 

You don't have to be bored. Life is not meant to be dull. If you haven't taken your wife out in a while, use these 5 cheap & easy date ideas. If you and your boyfriend have only watched How I Met Your Mother for the last three weeks, use these cheap & easy date ideas. If your friends are bored of doing "the usual," use these cheap & easy date ideas. ENJOY LIFE!

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  1. Super cute ideas, sometimes you create the best memories on the smallest of budgets :)


  2. Very cute ideas (:! I love all of them. Especially #4 & #5 X

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  3. We love looking for movies in the park or movies on the field. It's a great date night. Love this list ;)


    1. I definitely need to find where's my closest movie in the park!! :]

  4. I'm terrible at pool, but it is fun and cheap! I went out and played darts (not on a date, but with two friends) last weekend and I didn't spend a lot but all of us had fun. :)

    1. Practice makes perfect. I usually suck at pool too. I should give darts a try! :]

  5. Great suggestions! Trying to recreate great meals we had at home is another great one too! We just tried this and well it wasn't as tasty it was fun time in the kitchen.
    xo Adri

  6. wow! what a great find! Thanks for sharing this lovely post about dating on a budget! I love the suggestions! :) xo
    stop by and say hello Los Angeles Scene

  7. Aww these ideas are so adorable! :) another idea would be going to a carpark around 9pm just before it gets dark and watch a scary movie - it was the most frightening experience i've ever had but it's definitely a moment worth sharing together! Plus it creates a funny memory to always look back to :)

    Lots of Love, Ana


    1. Such a great idea. I hate scary movies but this could work. :]

  8. these are such cute ideas :) i don't think that a date always has to be expensive to be great.the simple things are often the best

  9. Such cute ideas! Me and my boyfriend rarely go out to the cinema or for a meal. We always go for a random adventure or a walk on the beach instead. We take it in turns to drive and sometimes we just take random turnings and see where we end up! xo


  10. Amazing ideas:)
    Keep in touch xoxo

  11. Love your ideas! Getting out and making memories is always fun. Following you now through Bloglovin. :))


  12. Oh i love this ideas Carmen. You're defo right - thanks for sharing! :-)
    *Appreciate your visit on my blog!*


  13. for me, 1st date wont be cheap,,., that s for sure! haha...

  14. This is a lovely idea, but i think im gonna go with choices 2,3,4,5 because im not into sports <3

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    1. Billiards doesn't require too much sporty skills. I'm not sporty in any way. :]

  15. What a unique idea for a blog post, some lovely traditional suggestions, cute! I'll definitely be persuading my boyfriend to try some of these dates with me xxx

    Anna http://collectionsofimperfections.blogspot.com/


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