Being a blogger is a fun & unique experience. One great thing about blogging is the sense of community you get to create & participate in. You read other blogs. You interact with people. You follow them on social media. Leaving comments is a fantastic way to be engaged with readers as well as other bloggers. You stimulate conversation. You acknowledge other blogs. As a social media manager, I've seen some wonderful, thoughtful comments & I've seen some pretty abysmal stuff too. Read these do's & don'ts of leaving blog comments & let me know if you agree.

The DOs

DO read the post

This is rule #1. This is vital. This is necessary. If you didn't even read the post, do not comment on it. There's just no point, because your comment adds nothing of value. You are simply judging the post based on a title or photo. You can really tell when someone didn't read the post because their comments come out really generic. "Really nice" is not a good comment. Read the post. Read the post. Read the post!

DO be genuine

Be yourself. No need to create some persona. If you don't like their shoes, don't comment that you love their shoes. You can comment about something you do like. "Wow. I really love your nail polish color. Light pink is perfect for summer." or "I'm normally not the biggest fan of Birkenstocks but you rock them!" Don't be afraid to be you.

DO ask a question

Sometimes you may have a question on something within the blog post. Don't be afraid to ask. In fact, this helps to stimulate an interaction. Ask the writer about how the product worked or how they liked the music festival they just attended. This creates a dialogue & shows you're not out to just promote yourself.

DO share an example

I love it when people chip in with their own experience. If I write about a certain movie, I like when someone comments that they loved it, hated it, thought it was funny. Sharing an example also shows that you actually read the post. You are expressing a little bit of your personality or experience. For example, one blogger was going to visit Paris. I recommended that if she needed an ice cream break she should visit Berthillon because it's the best ice cream I ever had. I shared a personal experience & thought which adds value versus just saying "Have fun."


DON'T leave a blog promotion that's longer than your comment

If your comment reads "Very cool," but your self-promotion reads "How about you check out my blog? | BlogName |  Giveaway --> here | Facebook |," I will just delete your comment. You obviously don't care at all about what I wrote, you just want to promote all of your accounts. Please do not do excessive self-linking. No thank you. 

DON'T be generic

One time I got 3 "great post"s in a row. That's all they said besides promoting their own link. Your best bet is to point out something specific from the post. Did you mention that their dog, Willow, was really cute? Good job, you caught their pup's name. Did you comment that you too hate Sundays? Great point, you pointed out that you have something in common. Don't be generic, it's not cool.

DON'T be afraid to be honest

We are humans. We don't always agree or believe the same thing. It's perfectly okay to be honest. If you had a weird experience with the mascara the blogger says she loved, that's totally fine to voice in your comment. It's fine to respectfully disagree. That's what makes it so fun. We all have different experiences. But make sure you're not being a negative Nancy.

DON'T copy & paste

Please don't copy & paste the same message to every single person. It just lowers your credibility. It's kind of like the boy who cried wolf. If you comment "You look lovely in this outfit." to 50 bloggers a day, someone is bound to notice & not take you seriously. Be different. Be unique. Find something in particular you can focus your comment on.

What are your thoughts on the DOs & DON'Ts of Leaving Blog Comments? Do you have similar experiences with comments on your blog? What's the best or worst comment you received? :]

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