It was 6:06 p.m. Sabrina drove in her newly acquired red 2004 Toyota Camry to Ellie's house. Ellie said she had some news for her. You see, Ellie is Sabrina's coworker. The two work for a small marketing firm, Mariposa Marketing, in an office of about 5 employees. 

"What sort of news?," Sabrina asked Ellie over the phone as she attempted to follow the GPS directions.

"We all just need to talk," Ellie answered. "But everyone is taken care of, so don't worry."

"What does that even mean? Don't worry about what?,'" Sabrina thought. "If someone tells me not to worry I'm going to go right ahead & do the opposite."

"Uh okay," Sabrina managed to say. "I'll be there in about 10 minutes. I told Kyle to meet us at your place." Kyle was a coworker too. 

The women ended their phone conversation. Sabrina listened to the female Australian voice she chose for her GPS system. She drove down the busy road for a few miles.

"Turn right at the next street," the Australian voice said. Sabrina turned.  "Destination is on your left," the voice said.

"No. Nothing is on the left except a school. Ellie doesn't live at a school, you fool," Sabrina told the voice. She reentered the addressed & the GPS system rerouted her. "This is idiotic. How does one even get lost with a GPS system?"

Sabrina took a different way around the school & found Ellie's house a couple streets down. She spotted Kyle's beaten up yellow car in the driveway. At least she knew she was in the right place. Sabrina parked, got out of the car, & locked the door. She walked in between Ellie & Kyle's cars. As she approached the door, Sabrina heard the loud screams of children playing in the house.

"Hey Sabrina," Ellie saw her through the screen door. She unlocked it & let Sabrina in. They hugged & said their hello's. Ellie was finishing up cooking dinner.

"Take a seat. Supper is almost ready," Ellie said. Kyle was sitting at the dinner table & so was Sabrina's boss, Hannah.

"Dinner? Jeez, this must be serious. You always get dined before you get declined," Sabrina thought. She gulped & took a seat at the large square table. The table was already set. The kids, one belonged to Ellie & the other to Hannah, ran around yelling loudly.

"Lily! Please! Inside voices," Ellie said as she stopped her daughter. The two girls ran around the house with their play vacuum & dolls. They lowered their voices to a slightly quieter scream. Ellie shut off the stove & distributed the food. It was cheese ravioli with marinara & a side of steamed broccoli. Ellie made sure to make it vegetarian-friendly for Sabrina. They sat around eating & making small talk for a bit. Hannah picked at her food. She clearly wasn't eating. The rest of them scarfed down their meal.

"This is just weird," Sabrina thought in between bites of green beans. The crew quickly finished their food, likely united in the feeling of awkwardness. Ellie put the dishes in the sink & sat back down. They were all silent for a good minute before Ellie spoke.

"So we are gathered here to let you know some news," Ellie stated. "Hannah will explain everything." Ellie nodded at Hannah to start her speech.

"Well," Hannah said, then paused. "Well, Anthony & I have officially decided to separate." Anthony is Hannah's husband & the co-owner of the marketing business they all worked at. In fact the whole team except for Anthony was sitting at the table.

She explained that due to private matters, there was no way she could stay with him. With that said, she also could no longer be a part of the work force. With that said, there would be no more work.

"I really didn't want this to happen. I'm so sorry everyone," Hannah said. She was holding back tears. Her eyes welled up. "I can't say for sure, but it's just a matter of 2 or 3 weeks." Basically, the whole business was going under due to the split as well as secrets held within the company such as excessive spending & lying. And possibly cheating? Nobody knew the extent of said problems until they were uttered at the dinner table.

Sabrina took a second to soak it in. In a matter of weeks, her marketing career would be over. She really didn't want to go back to foods service. "I wasn't expecting that," she thought. "I wasn't expecting that at all."

"I can write you all a recommendation letter & help you with your resumes," Hannah said. It could help in the job search, sure. But it would be better to just have a job.

"Sometimes you may know something is a long time coming, but once it comes, you're still shocked," Sabrina said. They all agreed. It was obvious the marriage between Hannah & Anthony had been crumbling for a while. They would bicker at work. It was an odd environment to be in.

"Neither Hannah nor I will be in the office this week," Ellie told the group. She discussed some details & they  decided to meet up again in a couple days for updates. Nobody asked any more questions. Nobody really said anything. Things quieted down. Kyle had to go, so Sabrina said her goodbyes & left as well.

"I knew something was wrong. The second I saw dinner, I knew something was up," she thought as she drove back to her boyfriend's house. "Now I hafta apply to jobs..."


More to come with this mini-series. Adult life & work life are fun, but they can be filled with drama, problems, & hard work. Follow Sabrina as she journeys to find the next step in life. How will the fate of Mariposa Marketing fare? What will Sabrina do? What's it like to be a jobless post-grad?