It's summertime here in gorgeous Southern California. The only question is: what should I wear? The days are starting to get unbelievably hot. The sun beats down on you for most of the day. The air is at 80% humidity, so it leaves your skin damp & sticky. If you're in the sun too long or doing strenuous movements, you sweat like you're lost in the desert. "What to wear?" you ask yourself. "What to wear on a California summer's day?" I can help you there. :]

What to Wear on a California Summer's Day

I have three looks here for you. One with shorts, one with a dress, one with a skirt. These three options are vital & essential on a hot summer's day. You want to be able to cool off quickly & remain at a normal body temperature. It's brutal out here.

Top + Shorts - A sleeveless chambray button down may be your savior. Chambray is a lightweight fabric ideal for summer days out on the town. Pair it with a bold patterned short. The shorts should be made of a cool material & loose-fitting. If it's tight, it starts to stick! Yuck! A nice white pair of Converse pulls the look together in an all-American type way. You don't have to be American to rock this look though! :]

Dress + Flats - This look is simple yet striking. I love this color dress. It's bright without being sickening. Add some amazingly cute kitty flats & you're ready to run all your errands effectively & efficiently. Or you could wear this at work. It's comfortable enough to last you through a day at the office. Plus, it's super adorable.

Top + Skirt - Since this is a crop top, you want to pair it with something that doesn't show too much skin...unless you're at a music festival where it is necessary to survive the heat. This full skirt will keep you covered but let all the summer breeze in to keep you cool. I prefer to balance out how much skin I show. If I'm baring my belly & arms with a sweet printed crop, I'll keep my skirt a bit longer to compensate. I like the holographic sheen from the skirt & of course the sandals. Am I from California or am I from the future?

Accessories - Gone are the days of jackets & beanies. As far as accessories are concerned, keep it simple or choose one statement piece. Keep cool with light jewelry, a compact bag, & sunglasses to shield your eyes from the harsh sun rays.

A California summer is a gorgeous thing, but sometimes it gets out of hand. Here's hoping we don't have anymore fires this year! Stay cool. Stay positive. Stay updated. Keep checking in for more awesome posts. Thanks for reading, homies. :]

What is your summer essential?

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