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3 Shades of Green // a California style post

Hello my dear friends! Sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. I went to HARD Summer music festival this weekend & have been recuperating. The temperatures were so hot & humid it was nearly unbearable. Thank goodness it was cloudy, so that helped...slightly. I just wanted to share a quick outfit post with you. I'm still so tired from the journey. Spending 8+ hours per day dancing & standing & walking is pretty tiring. How do you retain energy at a music fest?

My favorite color is green, as you may or mat not be able to tell from the 3 shades of green I'm sporting.: neon green, green green, & olive green. This was unintentional, but the mind works in mysterious ways. The above shot was an outtake but I liked it. We don't have to look prim & proper in every photo. We are human after all! :]

Shirt: Rue 21 // Shorts: Can't recall, they are like 5+ years old! // Shoes: TOMS, studded by me // Anklet: Rue 21 

Overall this look is for surviving in California during summer. I want to remain cool obviously, but I wanna look somewhat cute & have it be functional at the same time. This casual outfit is ideal for running errands. Always on the run. #girlsweruntheworld

I love the little neon green stripes on this grey crop top. I also like that it's not too cropped. It's subtle, shows just enough skin but not too much. It kind of gives me a sporty vibe even though I am the opposite of sporty.

My veins get SUPER veiny when it's hot. The veins in my hands, arms, & feet get really large. I looked this up one time because I wondered why that happened. Apparently it's your body's way of cooling down. The blood goes nearer to the surface so when you sweat, it can lower your body temperature. There's your random fact of the day. Did you know that? :]

These are TOMS shoes that I studded myself. Cool huh? Nobody had them quite like mine. If you're wondering, I bought studs on eBay & just arranged them how I saw fit.

What's your summer outfit look like? Do you get veiny in the heat too? Please tell me I'm not alone! :]

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  1. Great post!

  2. oh i loooove the shoes! they look so cool! and green is your color!!

  3. Love this look! I get super veiny too in the heat haha I feel your pain! Nice shoes btw!

    K xx

  4. I love love loooveee your blog and all posts! :) And you are soo cute :)
    If you have a minute, check my blog: http://thecolorsofshine.blogspot.com/2014/08/memories-vlog.html

  5. Love the outfit! You are so gorgeous! :)


  6. The DIY toms are so sick! The triangle studs are a perfect addition.



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