My boyfriend & I have been together for a little over a year & a half. Sometimes we just like to stay in, watch a movie, make some popcorn, & relax. It's nice to spend time together in a casual way. It's not all about fancy dinners & limos. We usually are homebodies anyway. We go out once in a while but prefer to save time, money, & energy by having a good time at home or somewhere local. :] 

We watched "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. " My boo has never watched any of the films! Can you believe it? We made the commitment to watch the 3 hour movie & he quite liked it. The night was unknowingly sponsored by Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss*. My friend Jordan told me about the brand a year or so ago. She's vegan & pretty vigilant about eating as clean as possible. After that, I'd always wanted to try it because she hyped it up so much!

I received 2 coupons for 1 free product each. After scouring the selection, Bae & I chose the Naked Coconut & the Chocolate Walnut Brownie ice cream pints. There were Bliss Bars as well, but we preferred the flavors that were in pint form. These ended up being $6.19 each, which is pretty pricy when it comes to ice cream. Coconut Bliss ice creams are soy free, gluten free, & vegan. Okay, so despite the price, these were delightful. We tried a bit of each to get a good taste. #NoRegrets!! 

Man, these were sooooo yummy. The Chocolate Walnut Brownie was very rich & chocolaty. You could spot little brownie chunks as well as walnut bits. This one is perfect for any chocolate lover. The Naked Coconut was my favorite though. It was creamy & dense. I'd definitely say it's something to splurge on. I'd be willing to spend $6.19 simply because it's so rich that you'd want to eat it sparingly. P.S. coconut is high in fat! 

Hopefully my boyfriend isn't annoyed of this photo of him. Sorry babe! This was from said date night. I gave him a nice spoonful of Naked Coconut. We watched Lord of the Rings & we had a wonderful time together. I was worried that he wouldn't like the film, but he did! He liked the action, the effects, & basically the whole thing. 

Have you watch the Lord of the Rings films? What did you think? Oh, have you ever tried any Coconut Bliss products? Any favorites? Hope you have a tasty day. Thank you for reading! :] 

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* Disclaimer: These products were received complimentary from Luna & Larry's in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this review are 100% mine aka Carmen's. :]