If you read my blog at all, you know I've been ranting & raving about HARD Summer. HARD Summer is a two-day electronic music festival held in Los Angeles. Due to the range of music, from trap to techno, it's not considered a rave. The music fest took place at the Whittier Narrows Recreational Area on August 2 + 3. It was the prime time to listen to your favorite electro artists, meet old & new friends, & just have a blast. I did just that.

Check out the photographic proof. I have 4 photobooth-esque collages to share with you. I'll do a tad of explaining so you're not completely lost on the pictures & why I chose them. If you're considering attending HARD Summer, HARD Day of the Dead, or any other HARD event, keep reading...or looking! :]

hard summer 2014
  • Root beer float + hot day + exhausted from dancing = a true miracle.
  • Here you can spot a number of bros. Proof this is not a rave, it's a music festival.
  • Front row witnessing Pusha T performing live.
  • Spending the event with a loved one makes it considerably more enjoyable.

hard summer 2014
  • Some typical rave attire. Tutus & fuzzy legwarmers galore. 
  • AMERICA! Because you can never be too patriotic, right?
  • Me & my boo thang. My shirt says "Don't hate" on the front & "Appreciate" on the back. 
  • Portobello mushroom burger with garlic Parmesan fries. 

hard summer 2014
  • The rides I never rode. Dammit!
  • HARD details one can only spot if they are able to make it to the front. 
  • Good music all day & into the night.
  • Me & the boo hamming it up ever so beautifully. 

hard summer 2014
  • I love when people get creative with their attire. "See" what he's wearing? 
  • Never wear new shoes to a music festival. These are not new, I'm just stating facts here.
  • Beer garden entry, kandi, & hands.
  • Thank you for coming. Kbye.

Hopefully my pictorial experience can satiate any appetite for knowledge about HARD. I saw so many great artists: Pusha T, Baauer, Disclosure, Snails, Valentino Khan, David Heartbreak, The Chainsmokers, & more. I had a splendid time with my boyfriend & I was psyched to meet up with one of my girlfriends on day 2. However, my tip is to JUST ENJOY THINGS AS THEY HAPPEN. Don't get too hyped in your head. 

Have you been to any HARD event? What's the best musical experience you've ever attended? :]

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