Summer. Beach. Music festival. Well that sounds swell. Sign me up. Actually, I am going to a beach music festival & I'm pretty psyched because the California summer days shall soon come to an end. The typical summer music festival will soon change to a fall fest. I've never been to a festival where music & water combine. But what does someone wear to such a function?

beach music festival

Imagine a waterfront resort with live music, local grub, & art. Ah, heaven indeed. Alright. So what to wear at a beach music festival? I've got some answers for you. There's a few things to keep in mind. Due to the delightful California sun, it will be pretty sunny. Due to the beachfront bash, it may be windy, especially at night. Due to the hours, you'll want to be comfortable enough to move, frolic, & walk. 

Sun - Hey it's a nice California day. The sun will be beating down on you. You definitely want to protect yourself from the sun. Lather on your sunscreen with a decent SPF. Bring some darling sunglasses to keep your eyes sheltered. And obviously, you can't go wrong with a chic, black floppy hat. Wear your bikini under a geometric skort, so you can head in the water if you want. Hey, throw on some fab purple lipstick. Because, why not? 

Wind - There's one thing I know about life: expect the unexpected. Despite the obvious summer heat, it still has a tendency to get cool come night time. The beach can often be chillier than other places due to its waterfront nature. I'd recommend bringing a lightweight kimono to layer with your look. Since you're wearing a righteous bikini & rad skort, you'll want to have another garment to add once the sun sets or the wind picks up.

Time - You'll be at the beach music festival for several hours. You'll want to be comfortable enough to last. I suggest sandals. They are flat shoes that you can stand in for hours at a time, but you can take them off to take a dip in the beach. I love the neutral color of these strappy sandals. They are versatile & can go with almost any outfit.

Now that you're all prepped for what to wear at a beach music festival, you can get your look together. Which of these items is your favorite? What is your summer music fest essential? :]

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