We've all had those dreams
on what we wanted to do,
but when you look back
something went askew.
You asked yourself, "how?"
Then you realized "when?"
would be a better question
to ask now & again.
We get caught up
in all those nonsensical things
like Kim Kardashian
& how bad she sings.
Like celebrities & gossip
& complaining about life.
We must remember
that everyone has strife.
Nothing is perfect
& nothing will be,
just stick to the positive
& how to be a better "me."

By Carmen Varner


Thank you for reading my poem. It's really just about how we can start to feel so unsatisfied with our lives when we start to lose focus. We tend to think about famous people & want to be like them. We talk about the negatives in the world instead of using it as fuel to spread love & kindness. We spend so much time on our phone, on the computer, on some sort of device instead of turning it off & just acknowledging the life you have without it & what's going on around you.

What do you think? Do you ever get caught up in the moment? What are some goals you have but haven't done yet? :]

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