* Disclaimer: These products were received complimentary from Aura Cacia. All opinions in this review are 100% mine aka Carmen's. :]

Okay so I have an interesting review for y'all today. This is one of my first experiences dealing with essential oils. Aura Cacia, is an aromatherapy & natural personal care brand. I was thrilled to read that they give back 1% of the sales of their organic products to support organic farmers & their communities. They are also cruelty-free & sustainable.

I received 9 products to test out. Six items were 100% pure essential oils. Three of those oils were 2 fluid oz. & the other 3 were .5 oz. I also got a Nurturing Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil, a Restoring Rosehip Oil with Vitamin E, & a Nourishing Body Polish in lavender. Soooo...here's how it went. 

These 100% pure essential oils rock! Here we have Lemon Tea Tree, Chill Pill, & Peppermint. These are the .5 oz sizes. Lemon Tea Tree is invigorating. Chill Pill is a mixture of lavender & chamomile, so it's ideal, as the name states, to just chill & relax. Peppermint is true to name, very soothing. You can add a few drops of oil to an unscented lotion to give it a lovely smell. You could also put 10 drops on a cotton ball & place it behind the toilet to make the bathroom smell fab! 

These are long-lasting. You don't buy essential oils thinking they're going to last a week, so if it takes me a year to use it, $19.99 is not bad at all.

Lavender, Sweet Orange, & Eucalyptus were also up to par. Lavender ($38.29) is calming & obviously one of my favorites, as I am obsessed with lavender. The price, however, is jarring. Lavender items tend to be pricey though. Sweet Orange essential oil smells true to name & the price is perfect for the amount you get. I added 5 drops to a cotton ball & placed it in my car vent. Oh man, heaven! Eucalyptus is supposed to be exhilarating. I mixed several drops of eucalyptus, peppermint, & sweet orange, & got a really outdoorsy, woodsy smell. Like I was on a magical hike through a citrus field & beyond.

I wasn't entirely sure what the purpose of the Nurturing Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil ($13.65) was until I read the bottle. Basically, you may use it as a replacement to your daily lotion or moisturizer. My skin felt nice & hydrated. I enjoyed the glow it left on my legs. Mix the Sweet Almond Oil with your favorite essential oil for a really good smelling & rich skincare lotion. I used lavender & it was DEE-light-ful.

Now I didn't give the Restoring Rosehip Oil a thumbs up just because I wasn't completely sure on its purpose. I read the packaging & it stated to use this as a facial serum as well as for hair or body in general. Due to its small nature (1 oz.) & price ($12.99), this isn't something I'd be slathering generously all over my hair & body. I used it as a facial serum & it was decent enough. It left my face feeling smooth, but I didn't notice anything special other than that.

I quite enjoyed the lavender Nourishing Body Polish. It was lush & oily. It does recommend that you rinse thoroughly & I agree. I found that for best results, use the body polish first to moisten & exfoliate your skin, then wash with your soap or body wash. Lavender is magnificent to soothe yourself with during a hot, steamy shower. My skin felt so soft after. I rubbed some on my feet & it was miraculous.

Overall, I had a pleasurable Aura Cacia experience. The range of products left me feeling experimental & happy to mix & match the items. The scents range from comforting to refreshing to exhilarating. Though some of the prices are pretty steep, I do appreciate the Fair Trade, organic, cruelty-free, sustainable, charitable nature. I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite essential oil, but if I did have to purchase it on my own, I'd likely go for Sweet Orange, Lemon Tea Tree, & Chill Pill.

What did you think of these products? Have you ever used essential oils? How did you utilize them? :]

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* Disclaimer: These products were received complimentary from Aura Cacia in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this review are 100% mine aka Carmen's. :]