I love The Simpsons! I remember watching the show as a little kid & I continue to love it today. When I first heard about MAC's new collection based on Marge from The Simpsons I knew I had to get in on the action. Now I may not be your typical beauty blogger because I only purchased one item from The Simpsons Collection. Quite frankly why pay for something that you don't really need nor want? So that's why I only chose one embossed blush & that is Pink Sprinkles. :]

This blush weights 9.5 g / 0.33 US oz & costs $24 plus tax. $24 is nothing when you think about how long this will last. I've never heard of anyone busting through a blush in a rush. Pink Sprinkles is the lighter of the two blushes -- the other being Sideshow You which is a light peach coral. Pink Sprinkles is a really nice cotton candy pink. It's perfect to give you a lightly flushed look. 

The packaging is fantastic. The cardboard box is yellow & shows outlines of many Simpsons characters -- notably & obviously Marge is the one that is in color. The blush comes in a shiny black container & has Marge Simpson's face on it. It looks like Marge is giving you the side eye. Maybe she is. Hehe. 

The blush is blendable, buildable, & natural looking. I have to say I am most definitely a fan. The packaging & limited edition status & The Simpsons are the reasons why I purchased it, but the blush itself totally sold me! I am light to medium skinned so it works well for me. I don't like having a dark colors on my cheeks; I prefer something light, so this works like magic.

Did you purchase anything from MAC Cosmetics' The Simpsons Collection? What did you get? Anything you're coveting in particular? :]

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