Sometimes all you have are memories. The only thing that's left are crumpled up tickets, faded photos, & an old letter. Things change. Moments pass. Time continues. Those little souvenirs of the old days can bring you just a second of happiness. And to me, that's worth it. Photographs are trippy because they capture an exact millisecond. Snapshots from the past.

Buddhist Temple // Los Angeles, CA

LA Historic Hotel // Los Angeles, CA

Chinatown // San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers // San Francisco, CA

Old Santa Barbara Mission // Santa Barbara, CA

Thoughts. Photos. Memories. Moments. These photographs are from my travels. Some are from my road trip to San Francisco from January, which you can read more about on Find Me in San FranciscoDo you ever find yourself thinking of what used to be? Which photo is your favorite?

Follow my journeys as they come. 
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