Halloween is coming at us full throttle. I love seeing those Halloween stores on every corner -- around this time of year they're more prevalent than Starbucks, so it would seem at least. Some of you may have already figured out your Halloween costume. But I'm sure most of us lag until the very last second to decide. Right? ;]

I want to get in the Halloween spirit. I've already watched The Nightmare Before Christmas twice. I'm not sure what to do for Halloween. I always figure something out last minute. I hope inspiration hits. I think it will. We are about to get into the dark, dirty center of Halloween. I was psyched to walk by a house last night & see headstones all over the lawn. No, it wasn't a horrible real life scenario of Hannibal, just Halloween decorations! In order to really get festive -- I mean really -- I made a list. Oh yes I did because I love lists. Here's 20 things to do before Halloween passes! It's never too late to get in the spirit! BOoo00oOOO

1. Go to a pumpkin patch
2. Bake Halloween cookies
3. Carve a pumpkin
4. Go to a haunted house
5. Make/buy/assemble a Halloween costume
6. Find a Halloween party to go to in order to wear costume
7. Watch your favorite scary film
8. Do the monster mash ;]
9. Say "BOO!" as much as humanly possible
10. Visit a cemetery
11. Find your way through a corn maze
12. Eat candy (but not tooooooo much)
13. Wear a sheet & pretend you're a ghost
14. Drink hot apple cider
15. Decorate your house (even just a tiny bit)
16. Throw a party
17. Watch Hocus Pocus
18. Have a Halloweentown marathon
19. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas
20. Go trick-or-treating

I really enjoy this time of year. I really do. The nights become chilly & you finally get to bust out your fall/winter sweaters. It's the beginning! Let's celebrate. Cheers to skulls & bones & stitches & haunted houses & zombies. Can you cross off everything from the 20 things to do before Halloween list? What are you most excited about for Halloween. :]

Stay in touch, y'all.
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