I thought of success
& what the word means.
I'm not where I thought I'd be
when I was in my teens.
There were questions
rushing through my mind.
The answers to which
I'll eventually find.
Thoughts on what to do, 
& where to go,
The answers to which
it's hard to know.
How to get there 
& when that'll be.
The answers to which
the future will see.
Ramblings of where I've been
& what that meant,
what I've been doing,
& was it time well spent?
In the moment as it happens
it's hard understand.
It's best to just live my life
& to live it unplanned.

By Carmen Varner


Essentially, this is speaking about feeling lost in life & trying to find your way. There are those moments when you question everything you're doing. Is it enough? Should I have done something else? What are other people my age doing? The only way you can get the answers to those questions is to continue on. Eventually you will understand why each thing panned out the way it did. What does this poem mean to you? Do you see yourself in it at all?

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