Today is October 31, 2014 in southern California. Today is Halloween. The day when little kids get dressed up in costumes & go trick or treating for candy. It's a festive day. In order to get festive myself, I wore my skull dress. Yep, skull dress. It has very tiny lil baby skulls. From afar, it just looks like a polka dotted dress. They are deceiving that way.

Shirt: Thrifted // Dress: Thrifted // Leggings: Forever 21 // Boots: H&M 

Take a look at this photo. There are like 12 leaves on the ground. The grass is still green. All the shrubbery in the background is green. The palm trees are green. Presently, it is 72 degrees with slight clouds. This is autumn in SoCal. Since it's cloudy & slightly cooler that normal, I wore this Halloween-y outfit. The clouds made for some wonky lighting, so pardon any oddly colored pictures.

See? They're cute lil skulls. Since this strapless dress is a bit poofy & makes a noise when I walk, I save it for special occasions. Actually, I wore it last Halloween when the boyfriend & I went to see Two Door Cinema Club & St. Lucia perform in San Diego. I wore it with my skeleton tights. It was a creepy cool combo. This time I paired it with these awesome blue leggings, which go perfectly with my fab plaid shirt. It's a bit hefty so I tied it up & rolled the sleeves for a better fit.

Peek a boo it's me! Happy Halloween everyone. Here's hoping you have a fantastic day with friends, loved ones, or whomever. I loved going out today & seeing so many people (adults!) dressed up in broad daylight. I saw someone in a cow costume by the bank. Did you wear anything festive today? How are you celebrating? The night is young. :]

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