I never thought I had a big nose until my coworker told me I did. I was 19 years old & I worked at Panera Bread as a cashier. My coworker casually mentioned my nose was big. Big nose? It just never crossed my mind. I have a big nose? Oh great.

I was always a little self-conscious of my body. I was never the skinny girl or lean girl or sporty girl. When my coworker spoke of my "big nose" it brought up so many insecurities. It felt as though I had another thing to worry about.

Short fingernails. Unibrow. Big nose. Stretch marks. Scars. Love handles. Aaaaall the insecurities came crashing down. 

Eventually, I had to stop pondering about my big nose. I can't lose sleep over someone's opinion of me. I am the girl with a nose, boobs, a bum, & a waist & that's a fact. 

I realized in my early twenties (but still have to remind myself) that those who put you down usually feel that way about themselves in some way -- they are projecting their unhappiness of what's going on in their own life on to you. I mean really, what does telling someone they have a big nose do? Why do it? I have no idea.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that body confidence & self-esteem starts from within. It may be a work in progress, but love yourself as you are. #LYAYA 

I took the comment to heart rather than listening to myself. I went all my life feeling comfortable with my nose & the comment sent it crashing down. Nuh uh. I will not let someone's opinion of me alter me or make me feel negative toward myself. NOPE.

And should I ever feel that way, I will read this post. And perhaps you will too. :]

Have you ever suffered from poor self-esteem or body confidence issues? Did anyone point out your insecurities? How do you feel today? Has anything changed? You are beautiful. You are handsome. You are a fantastic person. Feel it. Believe it. Join the discussion by using the hashtag:  #LYAYA :]

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