Beanies are a fall & winter favorite of mine. However, pretty much a year ago you would've never seen me in a beanie. Why? Simply because my style is constantly evolving. I am consistently learning more about myself & life & fashion in general.

Beanies are extremely flexible when it comes to styling. You can dress them down or you can dress them up. They're so versatile that you can either look like a hobo from one of those old time films or a beautiful modern day princess, depending on your stylistic choices. 

What we have here are three ways to wear beanies. I was originally going to go with titles like "casual" & "dressy," but I decided what works for me is figuring out how to style it with certain articles of clothing. Here you can see how to style a beanie with pants, a skirt, & a coat or some sort of outerwear during the fall & winter months. 

Pants - A casual, comfortable outfit. You could go grocery shopping in this & then head to lunch with your boyfriend. It's all about a relaxed, easy fit to keep you mobile & looking chic wearing it. This look features one of the new Wang sweaters from the Alexander Wang collection at H&M. To me this look is very California cool. This is something we would wear any day or night during winter & fall, seeing as it doesn't get too frigid here in Southern Cali.

Skirt - You may be a little freaked out wearing a beanie with a skirt but that's just because you haven't opened your mind up to the possibilities of beanies. This outfit is the ideal edgy night look. Heels, skirt, & a beanie are definitely for the risk takers in life. You're not going to be afraid or shy to rock this look. Depending on the beanie, it can either be your statement piece or just something to pull the look together. In this case, it's both -- some rhinestones for sparkle, but it's not super loud.

Coat - Not everyone lives in SoCal where we can survive off a light cardigan in winter/fall. There are people going out & doing day-to-day things -- or nightly things -- & they're wearing giant coats, jackets, parkas, layers, because it's literally freezing. This way to wear a beanie look is for those who really have a winter. The vibe of what's going on underneath your outerwear could be totally different that what's on the surface. You can mix & match your beanie accordingly. First things first, choose your beanie! Next, determine what clothes to wear underneath. Lastly, style your outer layers. Ta da!

For me, women who wear beanies are strong, independent, forward thinking ladies. A beanie has been seen as masculine but that's why it's called style. Style is about interpreting fashion & trends to mold them into your aesthetic. There are many ways to wear beanies. But it's all up to you! Which one of these is your favorite? Pants? Skirt? Coat?

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