This room is empty. It prompts several questions. Is this person moving in? Moving out? Is someone else moving in or out? Is there a roommate? Why is it empty? How long has it been vacant? Why? What happened in this room? What will happen in this room? Is it the end of an era or the start of a new one?

This room is empty. Who lived here? It doesn't matter. What matters is: why the move? He moved back home. He wanted to save money. He wanted to achieve his goals, whatever they may be. He felt the pressure of living paycheck to paycheck. He didn't want to feel that way anymore. He wanted to focus on moving forward instead of being stuck. But did he go backward?

This room is empty. It's been that way for a couple months. I feel the same way, somewhat. Empty. When he moved, when he packed up his belongings & said "sayonara" that was it. Whatever happened, whatever has happened since then, I do not know. He is in his own world. A world apart. A world disconnected.

This room is empty. But I shouldn't be. I should move forward. Look ahead. Determine some goals. Strive for my dreams.  Is it the end of an era or the start of a new one? Isn't it always both? Does it even matter? Every day is a new day. Each day the room is empty when I wake up. But it's only empty because I never filled it. It doesn't have to be empty. Neither do I.


What does this narrative mean to you? What does an empty room signify? I'd love to hear what you think. :]

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