To me, fashion relates to clothes, trends, name brands, while style is how you as an individual portray those fashions. I was raised in California, near San Diego, where the weather is usually in the 70s. It's not ever super humid. We don't get much rain, definitely no snow. The beach is just a few miles away. These types of things are factored in when it comes to my style. 

On top of that I work full-time, so Monday through Friday I'm sitting in an office doing social media. The office environment is casual, so I'm free to wear what I want. The temperatures in the San Diego area are dropping a little bit. In summertime you need 4 fans blowing on you to sleep at night. Finally, at the end of November, I need 2 fuzzy blankets & the window closed to sleep comfortably. That's how much of a wuss I am in the cold. Sorry, I'm from SoCal.

My style kind of reflects that California attitude. It's a relaxed vibe. I like to mix & match & I'm constantly figuring out myself & my style. I've had this purple top & patterned skirt for so many years. So many years in fact, I honestly can't remember where I bought them. I wore them when they were new but there was a 2 to 3 year gap when I just ignored them. I challenged myself to give them a go & I came up with a bold, bright, purple, patterned look.

Top: Unknown // Skirt: Unknown // Windbreaker: Thrifted (vintage Nike) // Boots: H&M // Tights: Pink Zone 
I feel that what you wear is kind of a reflection of your personality. What type of girl walks around in a vintage Nike windbreaker & lots of color & pattern? This girl! Keep up with the news & current events. Learn more about what's happening around you. Figure out what you like & challenge yourself.

Yes, I have that SoCal relaxed style. But I can still push my own boundaries. I don't wear black very often. Hmm...maybe that's something I could try. I feel weird wearing heels on a regular basis. Maybe I can challenge myself to wear them once a week. Years ago, combat boots were extremely ugly to me. It was something the punk kids wore at school when I was more of a jeans & t-shirt type of girl. Now combat boots are my go shoe during the fall. Last year was my first year delving into beanies & now I wear them all the time.

Take risks. Try something new. You may just surprise yourself & the world. How has your style changed over time? How would you describe your fashion sense? Does where you live affect your style? :]

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