Christmas in California is a beautiful sight. The sun is shining. The temperatures are gentle. The leaves gracefully tumble to the ground. It truly is a wonderful time of year. We had a little bit of rain but not too much. Absolutely no snow. If there were snow, you'd know something is terribly wrong. Everyone else is probably experiencing frigid temperatures by now, but all you need here is a sweater maybe some leggings & you're good to go as far as the winter chill. These are photos of Christmas time in California as I see it. Be it the dainty string of colorful Christmas lights or the glowing pastel painted sunset near the ocean, this is Christmas in Southern California.
Pastel & palm trees. My view of the sky.
The empty pool on a rainy day. Notice the visible moisture from the heat of the pool.

Christmas in Carlsbad

The freaks come out at night.

A festive Starbucks cup. Woohoo!
Sunset after the rain. 
Bird of paradise with rain droplets.

Christmas according to the heavens.

Decorations at Booze Brothers.

Remember: we all go through struggles. We have those ups & downs. Those people who seem to have it after us. Those times when everything is terrible. Pick yourself up out of that funk. Grab a coffee. Go for a walk. Phone a friend. Nobody can change your attitude but you. Enjoy the little things. The beauty of the every day. Enjoy the season, the festivities, & the love.

What does your Christmas look like? What's your favorite thing about this time of year? Which photograph is your favorite? Please let me know. :]

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