Boyfriends. They are great people. They give nice hugs. They warm your hands when they're frozen. Sometimes they make you breakfast in bed. But one thing I like about boyfriends is that you can raid their closet. I got this really cool skeleton tunic from my boyfriend's closet. Well, actually he gave it to me prior to us dating. Hehe.

I like the oversized natured of borrowing from boyfriends. No matter what, you get that cozy, enveloping effect. Most women's tunics are very short on me & don't cover the bum area. I love me some leggings, so I like my butt to be covered. Luckily this tunic is long enough. 

I have a few pairs of go to Christmas socks. I wear them all the time when the season is right. It just makes me feel holly & jolly. Oxblood creepers & Christmas socks make a nice combination, I'd say. I paired it with a vest I snagged from my grandma's closet.

Tunic: Buffalo Exchange // Vest: Grandma // Leggings: Forever 21 // Socks: Unknown // Shoes: H&M

I had a really nice low key Christmas with my boyfriend -- our first one together versus with our families. Pizza. Beer. Gifts. Love. It was nice & happy. Here's hoping you had a merry Christmas. What did you do for the holiday? Anything special? Do you ever borrow from your boyfriend's closet or grandma's closet?

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