Mmm...breakfast. Mmmmmmm...breakfast for lunch. Both are worthy of mmmm's. We've all got busy lives & it's hard to dedicate time in the morning to create breakfast. Sometimes it helps if you have an idea of what to make. This breakfast scramble is simple. You can't mess this up. This breakfast scramble with broccoli is vegetarian (of course) & hearty as can be. You'll be satiated & ready to take on the day! Okay let's do thisssssssss!

// Ingredients // 
+ 1 potato, chopped
+ onion (as much as you like), diced
+ 1 head of broccoli, diced
+ 3 eggs, scrambled
+ spices of your choice

// How to make it //

1. First things first, add a little bit of oil to the pan. Chop your potato into chunks. One potato yields say 25 or so pieces. Cook your potato until they start to brown & look crisp. When you start adding other vegetables, the potatoes just don't cook. Make sure they are 100% cooked to your liking before Step 2.

2. Once your potatoes start to brown, add your onion. You may need to add a smidgen more oil at this point. Stir occasionally so it cooks evenly. Your house should be beautifully fragrant & that's when you'll know you need to add your broccoli.

3. I diced my broccoli finely so it'd cook quicker. You know, that morning rush! I added one head of broccoli. Stir everything together. You'll know your broccoli is ready when it turns a rich green hue.

4. You're free to add your eggs. Scramble them beforehand so they're nice & fluffy & you can evenly distribute it. Pour the eggs over the top & then start mixing. It's not too much egg compared to the mass of veggies, so it'll cook very quickly.

5. As everything is finishing up cooking add your spices. I like to add a little bit of paprika, red chili flakes, salt, & pepper. You can keep it minimal if you want, but that gives it a nice smoky kick.

6. Serve & eat!

Enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea & a loved one. Depending on your hunger level, this can serve one to three people. I'm just being real. My boyfriend could've eaten this whole thing himself, meanwhile it could last me all day. Different strokes for different folks!

What's your favorite vegetable? Do you eat breakfast often? :]

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