Winter is coming! Or where I'm from we call it "winter." We're almost done with fall & I have hardly utilized any of my warmer attire. I realize I have so many layers -- cardigans, coats, sweaters, scarves, beanies -- that I really never get a chance to wear here in Southern California. It's almost pointless.

Side note: What isn't pointless, rosemary. I love finding fresh rosemary. There's some a lot behind me in theses photos. I often pick some, crush it, & leave it in my car for the day. :]

This is my first year as a fashion blogger, so I'm seeing that my fall style is unlike most others (unless they too are from SoCal or maybe Florida). If I wear that gorgeous camel colored trench coat I will die from heat exhaustion. Maybe. Even Southern California compared to Northern California is vastly different. 

Top: Thrifted // Shorts: Thrifted // Leggings: Pink Zone // Purse: Ted Baker // Socks: Nordstrom Rack // Boots: my grandma's closet
My sister is going to school in Berkeley & I'm going on about the weather & she says "it's cold up here." Oops. I clearly have a skewed view of the seasons. I've visited Canada & France & Seattle, so I know how cold it can get. But I'm never exposed for too long. My standard fall uniform is leggings + something (shorts, dress, skirt). It's easy to layer without being too much or too hot. 

Christmas is nearly here & I found myself sporting a lot of red recently. Can we oooh & aaah at the lining of this Ted Baker purse? What's cuter than a Boston Terrier? A Boston Terrier with a orange bow. Sounds like it could be a joke, albeit a non-funny one. This bag is super compact so I can barely fit my card holder, phone, & keys. Just the essentials with this one.

What's your fall uniform? Do you have one go-to item? Tell me a little bit about where you live! 

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