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5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." We've always heard it. Everyone says it. But what is the reason? Is it even true? I'm here to break it down for you. Breakfast isn't the miracle meal it was made out to be. It doesn't necessarily help with short term weight loss, but if you have a habit of skipping breakfast or prefer a late brunch, you may want to reconsider because there are several reasons why you should eat breakfast. Let's check them out, shall we?

1. You'll be smarter - Can't focus in school? Having a hard time grasping new lessons? Maybe it's because you're running on no energy for your 2 p.m. class. Breakfast supplies you with the energy & nutrients that lead to increased concentration in the classroom, according to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH). 

2. You'll snack less - Excessive fat & sugar are not your friends. If you're hungry you eat. Sounds simple enough. That's how we survive, but when you're hungry you don't normally grab a carrot. Those who have not eaten breakfast tend to snack on foods that are high in fat & sugar due to their hunger (JHSPH).

3. You'll stay fit longterm - In 2008 there was a study where researchers were able to account for levels of exercise & dietary intake among teens. Those who gained the least amount of weight over 5 years reported eating breakfast every day, according to an article on USAToday. Keep that in mind. Will you in 5 years be happy you kept forgetting breakfast?

4. You'll have more morning energy - Contrary to popular belief, volunteers who skipped breakfast didn't wolf down gigantic portions throughout the day. However, they did feel more sluggish first thing in the morning, according to the New York Times (NYT). No need for those crazy energy drinks with all those chemicals. Just eat a wholesome breakfast.

5. You'll need those nutrients - People who fail to eat breakfast probably won't make up their daily requirement for some vitamins & minerals that breakfast would have given them (JHSPH). If you're missing 1/3 of your meals you're missing 1/3 of those important nutrients. Eat a balanced meal prior to heading out or take it without.

Breakfast is good for you, but remember that means a good breakfast not a sugary cereal with a side of potatoes. Get some veggies in there, get some protein, & whole grains. If you can't think of anything, try this Easy Power Protein Breakfast Recipe. There are many reasons why you should eat breakfast. What's yours? Do you tend to eat breaky? Do you skip it? What's a super easy breakfast you make?

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  1. I made the change to always enjoy breakfast about three years ago and have never regretted the decision since! These are all excellent points, particularly the ideas of having more energy and being less likely to snack. Have a wonderful new year! :)



    1. Definitely a great choice to make. Happy new year! :]

  2. I wake up starving and could never skip breakfast! It's so important!


  3. Hi,
    I'm happy I found this post, I never knew that if I eat breakfast I'll snack less. It's good to know!

  4. Being Malaysian, I am so used to eating heavy meals for breakfast. Malaysians have a different way of eating, we eat full meals like rice, fried noodles for breakfast so after arriving Canada 3 months ago I'm still trying to get used to eating cereal and toast for breakfast.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. That's probably why many Asian cultures have low obesity rates. They eat a well-balanced breakfast versus sugary cereals. :]

  5. I can't never have a decent morning without breakfast. It's so important to me!

    Life With Antlers

  6. When I was a teenager, I totally fell into the "I'll be thinner if I skip breakfast" trap. I got over that in university, thankfully - eating breakfast really does make such a difference to how your day goes!

  7. I definitely eat breakfast every morning! It's always helped me.

  8. This is so true! And breakfast is the most delicious meal of the day, at least for me
    Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2015

  9. I went from always eating breakfast to not eating and when I went back to eating I felt so much better!!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  10. I eat breakfast every day, my brain and body don't want to do anything until I have had food in my tummy haha I usually just make scrambled eggs and orange juice :)


  11. This is a great post!
    I just tagged you in my latest post, check it out


  12. I love breakfast it's one of my favourite meals. Also that first photo of egg in the bread is one of my favourites to make too.

    www.emmalouiselong.com emmalouiselong

  13. Great post on a very practical subject-- breakfast is too often a neglected meal even though it truly is one of the most important ones! I used to skip it all the time even though I knew it wasn't good for me, I would always experience extreme hunger later in the day (leading to unhealthy food choices) and would suffer from poor moods and energy levels in the morning (especially in class). However, lately I've been attempting to eat healthier especially since I've been working out so much more (might as well not waste those sweat sessions and hard work). As a result, when I wake up I usually eat a light meal before I go to the gym at around 6-6:30 am, and after I get back I ate a second (also smallish) breakfast. Then throughout the day, I try to eat smaller meals more frequently. I've found that eating that way allows my metabolism to work more efficiently, I don't get as starved as before and I don't binge on junk food nearly as much.

    Two of my New Year's resolutions (I don't usually make those) are to eat healthier and cook more meals at home-- let's hope I can do it!

    xx Debbie


    1. I get into a poor mood when I'm hungry as well. It really affects your whole mind & body! :]

  14. So true, I definitely need to find more healthy and filling breakfast options for 2015!

  15. So true, breakfast gets your day off to the right start!

    Doused In Pink

  16. Yayyy I like this! Sometimes I feel like I don't have time to take breakfast, but this reminds me of its importance, thanks :)


    1. Yeah, I feel that way sometimes too. But it's more about the longterm influence it has. :]

  17. I began to eat breakfast when I have started high school! It's really useful and healthy to eat it!

    Francesca http://www.everydaycoffee.it/

  18. I just hate breakfast, but wish I didn't as I actually love breakfast foods, especially porridge. But I just can't stomach in the mornings!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Same. I usually get hungry about an hour or two after waking up, so it's difficult to eat if I'm not even hungry. :p

  19. Great tips, breakfast is so important

    wishing you a lovely 2015 x

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  20. I'm a huge breakfast eater-- so I of course love this post :)
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  21. I could never skip breakfast! I don't understand how people can go without it - great post!

    Sarah x

  22. Nice advices ;)

    The Cutielicious

  23. I guess this is a controversial subject. Some say our bodies aren't ready for food in the morning, others say it's essential. I tend to only be able to handle light food or a smoothie first thing, otherwise it upsets my stomach, but I know other people who LOVE breakfast. I'm usually starving around 10:00 am though, so that's when I eat. Guess it's a personal thing.

  24. Couldn't agree more! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Lately I've been having cottage cheese, avocado, tomato and Moroccan seasoning on wholemeal toast and my goodness - it gets me out of bed :P

  25. Yup, breakfast is important! Great post <3 xo


  26. I always eat breakfast! It's just fun and cozy. Even though I keep it healthy :D And okay, making a picture of a yummy looking breakfast is also pretty cool to do ^^

    x Aurélie

  27. I pretty much always eat breakfast. Especially on cold mornings like just now, bowl of porridge does the trick

  28. I really couldn't live without breakfast cause I get hungry immediately after waking up. That egg and avocado toast in your first picture looks so good and reminds me that I need to buy avocado again soon ;)


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