When was the last time you played a board game? If it's been a while, set some time aside to do so because you're missing out. They're fun! San Diego County has been having some magnificent weather as of late & my friends & I decided to take advantage of it. We had a nice mini picnic with pizza, plenty of munchies, beer, & board games. Well, just one board game. Clue.

We went to a nice park with lots of greenery & cool sculptures. The temperatures were surprisingly warm for winter -- around 75 degrees -- so we found a nice bench & enjoyed the day there under the shade. Sitting in the sun would've made us roast. The only way you know that it's winter in California is the fact that the sunsets by 5 pm.

I was happy to use my new backpack for the first time. It was able to fit a good amount of stuff, more than I anticipated. It was such a bargain. Only $7. You can't beat that. There's no lining though, so I imagine this isn't the highest quality. But I love the mixing of leopard print & tartan patterns, which is something I love to do myself when it comes to outfits.

Dress: H&M // Vest: Grandma's closet // Leggings: Rue 21 // Backpack: Rue 21 // Boots: H&M // Socks: Rue 21 

That's that folks. I'm incredibly thankful to live in such a warm climate. I truly have no idea what winter is supposed to feel like. Not this, I imagine. I don't think most people wear tank tops in winter. Or do you? When is the last time you played a board game? Which is your favorite? Do you like mixing patterns or do you prefer to keep it simple? :]

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