Balancing social media, blogging, & fashion requires an abundance of work & effort. I've got some social media basics to get your foot in the door. I am a social media marketing manager, so I have hands on experience with successful social media tactics. Today's lesson is all about being a fashion blogger. Or rather how not to be a fashion blogger. Follow these social media tips & tricks to create your best blog. :]

social media basics

DON'T have more than 10 photos - It's important not to have too many photos in your posts. It influences the time your webpage takes to load & nobody wants to see 47 photos of the same outfit. All too often have I scrolled for what seemed to be forever in order to get to the bottom of the page, only to find that's it. 232 photos & no text & nothing to draw me in (or keep me or others coming back). Keep it under 10 photos. This is vital.

DON'T have zero text - Having no text on your posts makes it so your page has zero SEO value. If you want your page to rank higher & do better, you should consider creating some actual content -- not just having billions of photos. Give the reader some information: Why did you choose this outfit? Where can they purchase the items? What did you do that day? Let readers know who you are.

DON'T have huge blocks of text - On the other side of the spectrum, there is a downside to having too much text. If you're showing off your haul -- people love reading about hauls -- don't have a novel's worth of words. Blogging is all about scanning. This is the number one thing I learned when switching from print to digital media. Break text up into chunks to make it easier on the eyes.

DON'T leave spammy comments - I wrote a whole post on the DOs & DON'Ts of leaving blog comments because it's extremely important. Don't leave a blog promotion that's longer than your comment. Don't be generic. Don't copy & paste. Don't be afraid to be honest. Make sure your comments to other bloggers are sincere & thoughtful, not just "great post" with links to all your social media. No no no.

DON'T be afraid to be you - Despite their carefully curated Instagram, nobody's life is perfect. Their egg white scrambles & Gucci sunglasses are all a part of a tailored social media plan likely put together by a marketing firm. Don't feel like you need to follow suit. Be yourself. You don't need only designer clothes to feel like a true fashion blogger. I often buy thrifted or sale items & I have no shame to share that.

DON'T forget to add links - It's important to add clickable links within your posts. You want to give readers the chance to explore related content if they so wish. For example, I talk about the do's & don'ts of leaving blog comments, so I made sure to add a link that you can visit. Some may want to read up more on the subject while others will skip it. Give your readers some more content to browse!

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Blogging isn't easy otherwise every human would do it. Social media is just as difficult to master. There are so many ways to do things. Stay true to you & don't feel the pressure to be someone you're not. Which of these tips was the most helpful for you? Were you making any of these mistakes? Don't be shy. Leave a comment. :] 

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