Welcome back for round two of Who is Carmen? Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Me. I like to keep my titles short n sweet, you see? ha! I got a great response with my first one, so I figured I should keep it going. As you read more & more of my posts you may get a little bits & pieces about me, my life, & my personality. That may leave you with more questions (which is the case for me when I read other people's blogs). 

I've never really had a pet - I use the term "never" pretty lightly because I had a dog once for 4 days but my mom decided it was a bad idea. I also had a couple of goldfish & one beta fish but those didn't last too long. There was never a long-standing bond or friendship between my fish, even though I tried they never really were reciprocated. *sniffles*

I got my drivers license at age 22 - Appalling, right? Crazy, no? Ha yes indeed I was immobile most of my life. I had some driving anxiety when I was younger so I kept delaying the actual driving test & never took it. Once I went away to college it all went out the window. Luckily my roommate had a car so we would drive places. Even once I did get my license, I didn't have a car. Having a car & having a license are extreme blessings that I am so so grateful for. It made me appreciate the luxury of driving even more.

I enjoy craft beer - I remember drinking Natural Light, Coors Light, & all those disgusting beers when I first started drinking. We bought the really cheap stuff just because we were poor college kids. Now I wouldn't touch the stuff with a 10 foot pole. If I'm going to drink it's going to be delicious. I tend to go for high-end craft beer such as Sierra Nevada or Ballast Point. I love going to local breweries & trying out the various beers they have to offer.

Now my questions for you are:
+ What type of pets did you have growing up?
+ What age did you get your license?
+ Do you drink craft beer too? 

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