Winter has arrived in California! We had some wonderful rain & even a tiny bit of snow (depending on location). In my hometown it even snowed! It has never snowed here in all of my life. Although I wasn't there to witness it, go figure. That's how life works!

Being cold sometimes makes you feel even more alive. You feel the numb feeling in tips of your fingers, the goosebumps all over your body, & that warmth when you do finally hug someone. It's not a feeling we get to experience often here, so it's something I enjoy. It was a very overcast day so I look quite ghostly. I'm cool with that.

Hopefully you started your new year on the right foot & you are motivated to achieve your goals. Well I guess that's how it should be all the time, shouldn't it? I'm ready to kick ass this year! I have a lot of ideas, plans, things I want to do -- but as always, it's just a matter of actually executing them.

Faux fur coat: H&M // Dress: Thrifted // Leggings: Forever 21 // Blouse: Nordstrom Rack // Socks: Rue 21 // Boots: H&M // Hair clip: Target // Purse: Ted Baker

My boyfriend got me this fake fur jacket last year & I love it. The Ted Baker bag has such a cute lining which you can see in my previous post. Here's hoping there's a little bit more rain, gloom, cold, & snow. But that's just me. I just have a lot of sweaters, jackets, & fuzzy socks that don't get enough attention due to the constant warmth that is San Diego County.  How was your new year? What's winter like in your city? :]

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