Coachella is notorious for its street style. The Coachella fashion varies from person to person, but overall it's got a very bohemian, hippie vibe. Last year we saw a lot of crochet, fringe, tie dye, flower crowns, frayed shorts, booties [[the shoes, not the butt]], wide brim hats, & layered jewelry. Coachella festival fashion is a world of its own.

The Coachella lineup this year is full of talented acts from Jack White to Drake to FKA Twigs to Tame Impala. The festival is located in Indio, CA, so get ready from some major heat waves. I picked a variety of on trend items as well as items I'd love to see at the fest. I'm staying away from the typical fringe & tie dye. Leave those at home. Mix & match these Coachella outfit essentials. Time to rage! :]

coachella outfit

Tops - The best way to start off any Coachella look is to wear your favorite band shirt. Take a quick look at the lineup & you'll figure out which one you want to rock. ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!?! Sorry, AC/DC reference. If you want to forgo the band shirt, you can always wear your prettiest bralet.

Bottoms - When it comes to your bottoms you want to be comfortable. It's hot, you're sweating & listening to music for hours upon hours. Go for a masterfully created embroidered or embellished pair of shorts. You can also go for a lightweight, beautifully draped skirt. It's airy & ideal for hot days but looks totally artsy.

Shoes - Wear your sneakers. They're comfortable. You don't need to be ashamed of looking too laid back because wearing your runners is the hottest trend. Not to mention, close toed shoes are vital when there are masses of people.

Accessories - Keep your accessories simple. It's going to be a sweatfest. You're going to be outside all day. Consider a sleek, edgy 5 panel snapback & a cool backpack to hold all your essentials like sunscreen & water. Always protect yourself from the sun.

For more information on when is Coachella, how to get tickets to Coachella, or how to survive camping, check out what I know about Coachella so far.

Which artist would you most like to see? Which Coachella outfit essential is on your list? :]

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