I love food! Food is what keeps me going. Literally. You know, because the calories are energy to make your body move & be able to function. I'm a nearly 10-year vegetarian, so I thought I would share what I eat in a month. This is not an all inclusive post by any means; I definitely don't have any pictures of any fruits or vegetables. That's my fault because now it looks like I eat bread & cheese all day & night. That's simply not true. I just eat it all day. ;] Here's a little look into a vegetarian's favorite meals for the month.

vegetarian enchiladas
Vegetarian enchiladas topped with queso fresco, lettuce, tomato, & radishes

lost abby brewery
Dank & Sticky beers from Lost Abbey

Orange juice, mug of ice water, homemade hash browns & red bell pepper scramble

stumblefoot brewing
Flight of tasters from Stumblefoot Brewing Co.

decadent desserts
Decadent desserts: mango dome, chocolate cheesecake pop, pistachio macaroon, pistachio ball

tomato pesto pizza
Tomato pesto pizza

perks coffee house
Brie cheese, apple, & fig jam sandwich on toasted baguette from Perks Coffee House

mac and cheese
Green veggie macaroni & cheese

My boyfriend is Mexican so I often get to eat homemade, genuine Mexican cuisine whenever I visit his family. Now I'm spoiled. When I go to Mexican restaurants they just don't do it how his mom does. Next time I'll capture some of my healthier meals so it doesn't look like I eat carbs all day.

Which dish looks the tastiest to you? What foods do you make regularly? Do you eat any ethnic food or foods you weren't raised on? :]

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