I have a confession everyone: I'm addicted to carbs! I can no longer deny this very obvious fact. Carbs come in every shape & form & size, most of which are foods I adore. Pizza, potatoes, beer, hell even an apple is a carb. Everything I love is a carbohydrate & I might as well come out & say it. I AM A CARB-O-HOLIC!

To quote Regina George from Mean Girls, "Is butter a carb?" YES! Because everything delicious is a carb. I didn't invent carbs so it's not my fault that they taste so damn delicious. That's not to say that carbs are bad; they are actually quite good for you.

everything bagel

Many fruits & veggies include carbs, which I was shocked to see when I was monitoring my food intake. I would pop everything in my food calculator, so it would break down the nutritional contents into carbs, fat, & protein. Even eating 100% clean I still ate a lot of carbohydrates. But that's nothing to be scared of. A banana has about 27 g of carbs, apple has 25 g while a piece of bread has 36 g. Yeesh.

Obviously, I would prefer the piece of bread. I love me some fries or rice or a nice craft brew. Although yes, there is a difference between complex carbs (fruits, veggies, whole grains) & simple carbs (unhealthy junk like cookies & chips). That's something to keep in mind.

Avoiding carbs is pretty much impossible, unless you want to forgo eating food altogether. That's not very healthy though. Like...we need food to survive. DUH! Therefore, that's why I chose to come forth today to express my addiction.

I am a carb-o-holic. I admit it. I'm okay with it. I will eat my carbs with joy. Are you a carb-o-holic too? What's your favorite carb? Do you have any foodie addictions? :]

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