Have a jolly time this Valentine's Day with some non cliche date ideas. Dinner & a movie. How thrilling. NOT! This year we're doing something else. Let's try something new, create a challenge for ourselves. Think outside the box with these rad date ideas. You can mix & match these totally not lame Valentine's Day date ideas to create a richer experience. Let's do this!

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If you're single: it's okay to be bitter on Valentine's Day because it's all a bit excessive -- the abundance of pink & crappy chocolates. But don't let it get you down. Valentine's Day doesn't make anybody love anybody any more. Love is good 365 days a year. You don't need a lover to go on a date by the way. I have friend dates all the time -- dinner, drinks, a movie -- & it's fabulous. Get your gals or guys together & let live.

If you're in a relationship: Take your sweetie pie on a really awesome adventure. Don't go to a terribly cliche & overpacked restaurant for dinner. The sheer mass of people who go to restaurants on Valentine's Day was off-putting enough for me to create this post. Time for a change.

1. Build a blanket fort - This will literally impress any human being with a soul. Bring out your inner child & reminisce about how carefree life used to be by building a blanket fort with your boo. You can't go wrong.

2. Exchange mix CDs - This used to be cliche, but nobody uses CDs anymore, so this is now uncliche. Weird how the times have changed, right? Create your own Valentine's Day lovelist or just copy mine. Music is wonderful because you can tailor songs to suit the individual. Follow up the CD with a nice homemade dinner.

brewery date

3. Go to a brewery - Yes, this really is on the list. I am obsessed with breweries.  I go all the time with my boyfriend as well as other friends. It's a fun environment without the annoying club/bar atmosphere. Support your local breweries.

4. Make a simple dinner - Grilled cheese. Spaghetti. Tacos. Restaurants are incredibly busy (& cliche) on Valentine's Day. I used to be a server & I know how hectic it can get. Who wants to wait 60 minutes for a table? Not me, especially when I'm (hangry) hungry. When you think about Valentine's Day dinner you don't think "let's do burritos." That's exactly what I'm going for.

5. Host a Palentine's Day party - Palentine's Day. The day to show how much you love your pals. Ask the girls (or guys) to come over & bask in the glory of friendship. Eat, drink, & be merry. Together. These Galentine's Day decorations are adorable.

6. Give a massage - Okay, this is kind of cliche but it's divine nonetheless. A massage is the perfect way to show your date you care about them. Grab some massage oil (the Carribean Rose Love Oil from Good Clean Love is HEAVENLY!) & ask if they have any stress spots that need attention.

panoramic view

7. Take a hike -  Get out of the house & go for a walk somewhere pretty. While most people are waiting for a table at a restaurant, you are free to enjoy the beauty of nature. Head to a park or a high peak & stroll hand in hand with your cutie. Feel the brisk air on your cheeks. Doesn't it make you feel alive?

8. Rent a horror film - Or an action movie. Just don't watch a chick flick. Don't do it. How cliche is that? A romance film on Valentine's Day?!! Who would have thought? Take it upon yourself to rent something out of character & interesting. In fact, a horror movie is even more of an excuse to cuddle. Hehe. You clever minx you. Go for Stephen King's It, The Shining, or maybe Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

9. Heart shaped pizza - A heart-shaped pizza is every girl or boy's dream. Do it. They will not be let down. **please read this, babe** They even have heart-shaped pizza pans so you can make it at home.

10. Attend a comedy show - One time my boyfriend took me downtown & we had a blast at a comedy show. It was jovial & hilarious & best of all, different. We had a happy time together. What more can you ask for? Laughter is the best medicine, & perhaps the best gift.

Don't be a cliche this Valentine's Day. Do something that your partner will remember & rave about. Which of these date ideas would you love? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment & share your non cliche & totally not lame date idea! :]

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