I write this post hoping that the majority of you have had this experience: that wave of horror when you drop your phone, reach down to pick it up only to find it shattered. Shattered very much like my hopes & dreams & wishes.

crack your phone

I'd had my iPhone 5S for a little over a year before I finally cracked it. I recently switched my iPhone case which I purchased at the dollar store. Note: my previous case was also from the dollar store, so you can buy some really good products from there. The case in question had a really cool green cassette tape design, which many people complimented. They usually followed up the compliment asking if I even knew what a cassette tape is. DUH! 

crack your phone

When I'm driving I often have my iPhone charging & sitting in my lap; I usually need to follow the map for directions because I'm the worst at geography. Which way is west? How do I get home from here? I stepped out of the car only to have my iPhone crash onto the hard, black asphalt. 

It was night time so it was quite dark. I didn't even notice the cracks until I got inside. Terror washed over me. What was I going to do? How will I survive? Is there anything worse in the world? Then I realized that people have real problems, such as figuring out how to pay rent, trying to determine who will watch their kids when they go to work or the struggle of balancing university & a job. 

crack your phone

Yes, at first shattering my phone was the worst thing to happen; then I realized this is not even a real problem. I can fix it. There are worse things in the world than breaking your phone. At least you have one -- you have access to technology. Some aren't so lucky. That said, it was a learning lesson on not taking things for granted. Don't do it (easier said than done) or correct yourself if you do.

Have you cracked your phone? I can't be the only one, can I? How did you feel at the time of the horrific incident? What's another instance that made you feel thankful for all that you have? :]

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