What do you wear on a California winter's day? The sun is shining. The breeze is a little brisk. The clouds sometimes hide Mr. Sun & his warm rays from our pale skin. Don't get me wrong California is a huge state.

Northern California can actually get hella cold (that's NorCal lingo if you didn't know). I live in Southern California -- sunny San Diego -- which is basically a vacation year round. I have no concept of a true winter, but I do know how to dress for a California winter day!

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Layer up & layer down - Layers are vital. Make sure you bring a cardigan, coat, jacket, leggings, pants, etc. in case it starts to get chilly. You may take it off in case the sun decides to start scorching or you can add a layer if it begins to cool off.

Tights & leggings are your friends - They are easy & comfortable to wear. You're not bogged down by heavy fabric, but you're still warm. Leggings are versatile & you can style them with sneakers or layer them in an infinite amount of ways.

Always bring a jacket at night - Bring a jacket just in case. Leave it in your car. It may be in the 70s during the day, but once the sun starts to set you'll see those goosebumps come into play. You won't regret it!

california winters day

These three looks give you a range of how to style your look for a winter day in Cali. A dress with tights & flats paired with a versatile jacket can give you enough warmth during the day & keep you going at night. You may want to change into thicker leggings vs. thin tights as this point.

A comfortable yet oh so chic button-up with flared jeans & wedge heels is the perfect outfit to wear to work, shopping with friends or brunch by the beach. The flared pant with heels gives your legs a long, lean look. Who doesn't want that?

My last look is something that I rock very often which is shorts & leggings. What? That sounds weird. Well it's not. I rock them here & here. It's comfortable, easy -- the ideal California girl vibe. Wear a long sleeve & you're good to go.

Which of these looks best suits your style? What do you wear on a winter day where you live? It's so interesting that over here it's literally 70 degrees & over in say New York, there are blizzards. :]

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