Coachella! Coachella! Coachella! The countdown to Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is approaching faster than I want it to (April 10 - 12). Somewhere in between deciding what to wear & packing for 3 nights of car camping, I've become a bit overwhelmed. But that's how life works, doesn't it? It's a mix of excitement & anticipation & everything that still needs to get done.

But in the end it'll be worth it. I get to spend my birthday with my boyfriend, the love of my life. We'll be camping in Indio, CA & going to our first festival of the year. I love to count down to an event. But then there's that sad moment when the countdown ends & it's back to real life. Ever experience that?

coachella wristband

Right now we're slowly acquiring all the camping & Coachella essentials needed to survive in the desert, where it's brutally burning during the day & quite cold during the night. It doesn't help that neither my boyfriend nor I haven't gone camping in a good 10+ years.

We are religiously Googling camping checklists & Coachella Valley checklists because I don't want one of those experiences when you get there & you realize you forgot your undies. (This actually happened to me on a Girls Scout trip; I'll never forget it).

Do you have any festival plans for 2015? Whats your #1 camping essential? Take a look at the Coachella lineup & let me know who you wish you could see live! :]

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