We are humans & humans are creatures of habit. We tend to find a routine that works for us & stick to it. That's great but it doesn't challenge you or get you out of your comfort zone. We go to work, have class, meet up with girlfriends Friday evening for girl's night, go to date night with the boyfriend once a month. Everything is set to a schedule, a certain time, place or specific day to do things.

Then I realized that's kind of boring. For example, my girlfriend & I meet up every Tuesday. Most of the time we end up going to a brewery, if not the same exact brewery which we frequent. Tuesday isn't the boring part. What's boring is this rigid routine we created for ourselves. Same time, same place. 

Somehow I got it into my head that maybe we should do something different. Maybe we should attend a movie or try that new Thai restaurant. Go mini golfing. I've never done paint ball. That sounds interesting. Anything other than "the usual" which is an actual phrase that we use. 

don't stop exploring

Granted we meet in the afternoon so options are limited, but there are so many ideas we aren't even aware of. All we need to do is open our eyes & explore. This week we switched it up & went to a movie: Cinderella. It's the first time we went to a film together. Normally we sit around watching Netflix.

However, going out gave us more memories. We went to dinner, sat at the bar, & BOOM! ended up getting a drink on the house. That would never have happened if we just did "the usual." We went to the theatre & saw it was totally empty. We started hooting & hollering about our own private viewing. That is until a couple of girls walked in & we embarrassingly speed walked all the way up the stairs toward the top of the theatre. That would never have happened if we just did "the usual."

Break free. Break free from your comfort zone. Do something new. Here's to those little adventures we create, those memories that you'll eventually longingly look back on. My questions to you are:
1.  Do you find yourself having a routine? Doing the same things every day? 
2. What are some ideas for me & other readers on different things to do? How can we mix it up?

Here are 5 options. Keep the list going in the comment section :]
1. Feed birds at a lake
2. Workout with a friend at the gym
3. See a movie at the theatre
4. Go to a local coffee shop & try a weird drink
5. Have a picnic

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