It's warming up over here in San Diego. Really warming up. More like scorching up. It's been incredibly hot lately that I regret not getting started on my bikini body sooner. This look is all about that laid back California vibe. You never know whether you're going to head to a walk on the beach or a traipse beneath the palm trees.

mixing brights

I am a fan of colors & could never find a way to wear this stretched skeleton shirt. I bought it at the end of summer last year, figuring I could wear it to a festival with a bralet or something. It was too open to sport in my day-to-day life. But goodness gracious, it was so hot I had to come up with a use for it.

mixing brights
Tank: Forever 21 // Shirt: Rue 21 // Shorts: Nordstrom Rack // Boots: H&M
You've probably seen these black velvet boots before; I pretty much wear them year round & they're one of my absolute favorite pairs. You can see them in Get a Clue, Bart Simpson is my alter ego,  Winter & the New Year, Tropico, & more. Sometimes they get a little toasty. I wore them to a festival once & it was a sweat fest.


Due to the heat, this is a no makeup look. It would just melt off my face anyway. Casual. Easy. Ready to party. Rock on friends. Now I need to work on my tan. Probably with self-tanner though. Hehe. What's the weather like where you're at? What do you think of this bright & relaxed look? :]

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