Nobody said blogging was easy, but there are some very obvious reasons why you may be losing readers & followers. You might need to mix things up a bit. Check out these 10 reasons why you're losing followers on your blog & social media platforms. Identify which (if any) apply to you. Make the change; it's simple! Your readers will thank you. :]

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1. You post generic content - If you're posting the same content as everyone else ask yourself: why would someone want to read about the best Academy Award dresses if it's the 45th post of the identical subject they've seen that day? It's important to post about relevant content but put your own spin to it. 

2. Your font is too small/hard to read - If your readers can hardly even read your blog they're not going to want to come back. Your font should be a good size & a dark enough color for people to see. Obviously you want to make it aesthetically pleasing, but just know that not everyone's eyes work the same.

3. Your background is distracting - Going along with the previous tip, make sure that your background isn't distracting for your readers. Keep it simple. You want your followers to come back without having to decipher your words from your leopard print tiled background.

4. Your personality is missing - Be yourself. Have personality. You want readers to come to your blog & immediately recognize your voice, your tone. Often times people only see text on a webpage. Your text ought to speak volumes for yourself.

5. You don't engage with readers - This is a mistake I see time & time again. If your readers take time to leave a comment, take time to respond to them. You don't have to respond to every single person every single time, especially if your blog is growing. But don't leave your readers hanging. They want to know more about you.

6. You have too many ads/sponsored posts - The readers don't like scrolling past an eternity of ads to finally reach your new blog post. They also don't like seeing a sponsored post time & time again. It's totally cool to do it once in a while. Be sure to integrate some fun, useful, relevant content to keep your readers hooked.

7. You don't post regularly - Readers become disappointed when they search for your blog & see that nothing has been updated for two weeks. And then they start checking in less. You definitely don't want that.

8. You post too much - On the totally other side of the spectrum is when your readers come to view your new content but are overwhelmed to see 12 new posts since last week. They just can't keep up. They come back less. 

9. Your readers don't relate - It's imperative to figure out who your readers are & who you're trying to reach. If your readers are 16-year-olds but you're posting all about your Chanel pumps & your Valentino gown, they probably not going to relate to it. Know your reader. 

10. Your blog loads too slow - Imagine your followers land on your page but it takes one minute before your pictures even load. Ain't nobody got time for that. Resize your photos to keep loading time down.

Well, how did you do? Blogging & social media require patience to master, but as with everything practice makes progress. It's not fair to yourself to expect massive amounts of views & engagement after your very first post. Keep trying. Did any of theses reasons apply to you? What's a reason why you stopped reading somebody's blog? :]

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