One of the most beautiful things I ever did see was the birth of a monarch butterfly. There's something so magical about a little caterpillar turning into this beautiful, intricate, delicate butterfly. The caterpillar works so hard, inching along all in effort to create his cocoon. Then he metamorphosizes into a stunning monarch capable of flying wherever his heart desires.


I was on a road trip with my boyfriend. We made a stop at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco. We were in the butterfly room & came across an enclosed case with emerald green & gold looking pods. I honest-to-goodness thought they were jewelry or pendants of some kind because they are so beautiful in an unnatural way, so I thought. 

Upon closer look, I realized that they were indeed 100% natural. They were cocoons. Butterfly cocoons. I inched closer peering at the emerald & gold pods & saw the faint pattern that is so easily recognizable as the monarch butterfly. 


It's just so beautiful to see this caterpillar give birth to itself in the form of a butterfly. It's complex & perplexing how they do it, but I was so very thrilled to stand there & see it unfold. He slowly wriggled out of his little cocoon sleeping bag & opened his wings. How could he fit in there? It seemed so cramped. 

I don't know how the world works or why, but sometimes it's these little bits of nature & earth that seem so fulfilling. I look back at these photos & my mind immediately takes me to San Francisco. To witness beauty in such an innocent way is something that will last long within me.


Have you ever seen something in nature that left you speechless or happy or just made you feel some type of way? :]

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