Hello! I sincerely hope you're having a wonderful Friday! Today is my 25th birthday & also day one of Coachella! Woohoo! So I'll be out enjoying my day in the hot Indio, CA heat. I've been counting down to this moment for about 11 months since I bought my pre-sale tickets last May. I'm glad it's here & to be honest, I am thrilled to have made it to age 25.

hotel selfie

After being alive for 25 years I'd say that life is extraordinarily precious. We only realize how much we value it & the lives of others until it's taken away. Relish those moments. Enjoy those memories, photos, family, friends fondly. Life is filled with trials & tribulations but it's all a part of the big picture.

As for today, I'll be out exploring the polo fields, listening to many of my favorite artists, discovering new ones, eating delicious food, meeting fellow campers, & celebrating 25 years of life & hopefully more to come. Have a great day! Right now...I'm off to have a really exciting three days. 

Have you ever been to Coachella? What's your #1 piece of advice that you would tell someone? :]