Weekend 2 of the Coachella Music & Arts Festival is already in full effect! But don't worry. I went last week, so I have all the details & inside scoop on what went down, the fashion trends everyone was wearing, the scrumptious food, & of course the music. If you didn't read it, check out my Coachella Recap for Day 1.

coachella recap
A typical sighting

We spent the morning making breakfast & drinking a couple beers prior to heading out. Beers & alcoholic beverages run about $11 inside the venue, so unless you want to go broke after a drink or two it's best to have your own at the campsite.

coachella recap
My adorable boyfriend, Fred :]

perfume genius, coachella
Perfume Genius singing his heart out

On Day 2 we went into the venue a little later than Day 1 because we were so exhausted from the day before. We went to Perfume Genius at 1:55 - 2:35 pm at the Outdoor Theatre. He was sporting an over sized black t-shirt, black mini shorts, fishnet stockings, & booties. His voice was smooth & buttery like a blanket warming you up on a cold day. His set was a pleasant surprise; my boyfriend & I both loved him. Definitely a top act from the weekend.

temporary tattoos
Metallic temporary tattoos were a HUGE trend at Coachella

The next set we saw was Bad Suns from 3:20 - 4 pm in the Mohave Tent. They played their classic hit song Cardiac Arrest. I'm a little ashamed to say this but we were so busted from the day before spending all day in the sun, dancing, & walking around that we went back to our campsite after Bad Sun's performance to take a nap.

coachella lunch
Our little (expensive) lunch

Although it was a time waster & we didn't see any artists, it was absolutely vital for us to be able to survive the rest of the day/weekend. We went back inside after our nap under the canopy & picked up some lunch: vegetarian gyros & fries. The gyro was a great disappointment since it was literally naan bread, lettuce, onion, & some sort of tzatziki sauce. Not worth the $11. 

hozier, coachella
Hozier at the Coachella Stage

We trekked to  the Coachella Stage for Hozier's performance at 6 - 6:55. His audience was pretty packed. We sat down in the back munching on our food, bobbing our heads to the music. At 6:55 - 7:45 we went to see Run the Jewels back at the Mojave but left a little early to go back to the Coachella Stage to watch Alt-J at 7:30 - 8:30. See what I mean about a lot of walking? 

alt-j, coachella
The setting sun at the Alt-J set

Their set was exciting, colorful, & the crowd was clearly thrilled to be there, singing & dancing along. I particularly enjoyed watching the woman doing sign language on stage. She was signing & dancing; it was a performance by itself!

cherry bomb, coachella
Tyler the Creator's graphics

At 9:15 - 10:05 at the Outdoor Theatre we caught Tyler the Creator who was surprisingly pleasant & cordial. Although he did call out the VIP section for being boring & not dancing. Guess who was in the VIP section. Kendell Jenner. Tyler jokingly personally called her out on stage as well.

coachella, margarita
Hello $11 margarita 

Due to all the water drinking to stay hydrated (& some alcohol drinking) in the desert heat, I had to leave Tyler the Creator's set early to use the extremely gross bathrooms. We sat down in the back, recouping for the rest of the set then head over to see Jack White at the Coachella Stage. His crowd was enormous so once again we sat down letting the music sink in. 

target trainers
Our Target trainers that kept our feet alive for the weekend

Boy could Jack White shred on that guitar & he sounded magnificent live. His voice is golden. We hung around a little bit more after Jack White's set for The Weeknd who was supposed to start at 11:25. He ended up beginning about 15 minutes late. There was no intro. There was no beginning. He just started singing. And damn, he was marvelous as well. His solo performance was everything I imagined it would be, just wish I could've seen it better.

We bounced from The Weeknd's set slightly early to kick it at our campsite. The music is loud enough that you can hear every word from the tent anyway. Well well well. That wraps up Coachella Day 2. Stay tuned for Day 3, fashion trends, & more! :]

Who do you wish you could have seen from the Coachella lineup? What's one Coachella aspect you'd like to experience? :]

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