Getting a job can be an arduous task. There's the résumé, the applying, the job interview, & then finally, obtaining a job. It may take several résumé drafts, hundreds of applications, & countless interviews to finally nail a career. Keep trying. It's a rough world out there, but the only person standing in your way is you. You can do it. Try & try & then try again. Take a look at these tips on how to land a job interview & see what you can work on. :]

land a job interview

This is a photo of my very first day as social media director. After applying, I got a call for an interview. I went in a couple days later for the interview & then got a call I landed the job! These tips on how to get a job interview are based on personal experience, the experience of others, research, & common knowledge. I hope you get the career of your dreams. :]

1. Change the verbs on your résumé - Instead of boring words like "helped" or "created," switch the verbs to something more powerful. "Spearheaded" & "maximized" sound superior. Hopefully you already have a résumé. If not, you really need to do that. Reference 185 Powerful Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Awesome for some word inspiration.

2. Research the company - Sending a general email with your résumé won't help you stand out. Do your research on the company. Learn the basics & then some. Yep, that takes time but that could help land you an interview & possibly a job. Who is the CEO? What does the company do? Check out their social media pages to understand their everyday presence. Add some of those details into your initial query.

3. Do a mock interview - Practice your skills answering job-related questions. Take a look at 100 Potential Interview Questions & then create some answers. Have a friend or family member randomly pick questions for a mock interview. Do your best to answer them appropriately. Practicing can alleviate some of the stress & help you appear more put together in emails, phone conversations, & once you head to the real interview.

4. Apply, apply, apply - Cast a wide net. Don't apply to your one dream job & call it a day. Apply to many jobs & then apply to some more. Check multiple websites to view their available job options. Try CareerBuilderCraigslistIndeedMonster, & even browse your own city's job boards. 

land a job interview

5. Use your connections - Ask friends or family if they know of any gigs. Post a Facebook status with your qualifications. "Hey friends. I'm looking for a job in the social media, writing, or editing field. Please message me if you know of anything." Sometimes people are aware of things that you never thought of. Doesn't hurt to try.

6. Clean up your social media profiles - Employers will undoubtedly search for your online presence. Make sure your Facebook profile is private. You may want to temporarily make your Instagram & Twitter accounts private as well. If not, delete those crazy party Facebook photos & profanity ridden Tweets. Your would-be boss may see them & choose to interview another applicant instead. Delete, edit, or make your social media profiles private.

7. Follow up - Did you apply to a job last week & never heard anything back? Email your contact once more with a follow up. It shows perseverance & your proactive attitude. Obviously, don't hound them or be obnoxious. Inquire about the status of your application, thank them for their time, & that's it. Just one follow up email will do.

8. Try something new - If you're still having a hard time landing an interview, you should think outside the box. Do something offbeat compared to what you've been doing. Maybe you need to reformat your résumé, search for a job on foot rather than online, or redo your cover letter. Don't give up!

Finding a job is no easy task, but with a little elbow grease & some tips to help you, you can land a job interview in no time. Which of these tricks can you achieve today? Which was the most helpful? What's your #1 piece of advice on how to get a job interview? Please share your experience! :]

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