I love myself a good old fashioned music festival. Loud music. Lots of people. Overpriced everything. I assure you it's a lot better than it sounds. Experiencing live music with people who are equally as excited to be there as you is a unique feeling. Now let's talk about FYF Fest; this music festival takes place August 22 + 23, 2015 at the LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park.

Tickets run for $175 for two day general admission. It has a pretty stacked lineup for a festival that's 11 years old & was initially founded by an 18-year-old. What was I doing at 18? Not creating a music festival, that's for sure. Morrissey, Flume, Jesus and Mary Chain, & Solange are some of the artists performing this year. But here's who you should really see.

misfits shirt

1. Frank Ocean - I've had a crush on Frank Ocean for years. He really got me through some heartbreak back in college with his debut mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra. "Love Crimes," "Novacane," & "Swim Good" are still awesome. Ocean was a member of OFWGKTA also known as Odd Future. He's got a voice made of magic & pretty much all his songs are hits (to me). His new album & magazine, Boys Don't Cry, drop sometime in July.

2. Bloc Party - This British indie rock band is a classic. I include Bloc Party due to my boyfriend's long adoration of them. He got me hooked. The band has gone through a couple of hiatuses & now they're back to rock your socks off. Bloc Party is in the midst of recording their fifth studio album. 

3. The Drums - Prepare for nostalgia when you hear their songs. Not because it takes you back in time, but because of where their music can go. The Drums give off a sentimental vibe that you can't place your finger on. They're latest album, Encyclopedia, was released September 2014. All American indie pop. It's good for your soul.

4. Death Grips - I was lucky enough, nay blessed enough to see Death Grips live at FYF Fest 2013. Death Grips, like Frank Ocean, is a longtime favorite of mine. Their jams were the only thing powerful enough to get me through arduous workouts. The music of Death Grips defies any one genre; it's a perfect concoction of hip hop, noise rap, & industrial. MC Ride + Zach Hill = Bliss. They're great. I've seen footage.

5. FKA Twigs - FKA Twigs is pretty much the coolest person ever. This British darling has got some rad style, an alluring voice, & dance moves for days. She's a true triple threat. Her music is dreamy, breathy, sexy. Not that this has anything to do with her musical talent, but she's engaged to Robert Pattinson. So there's your gossip for the day.

Music festivals in California are pretty easy to come by if you know where to look & you're willing to pay a good chunk of change. FYF Fest is sure to be filled with music to your ears. Are you going to any music fests, concerts, or shows this season? Have you heard of any of these artists? :]

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