Hello & good morning. Let's learn! Okay, I bet that's not what you were expecting to hear on a California lifestyle blog, let's just say I'm trying to spread some knowledge. We live in a world where you can email files at the click of a button or Google the answer to a question you don't know.

Back in the day, you had to wait for days before your documents arrived in the mail & you spent the afternoon at the library researching for a school assignment. I want to challenge us do some do something different, so this is an educational post on VOCABULARY! You don't have to like it, but you'll learn from it.

vocabulary time

I came across some interesting words as I watched shows, read books, flipped through magazines, & what have you. I decided to write them down to reference later because I wanted to fully understand their meaning. This will be an ongoing series because I seriously believe knowledge is power, so let's get learning! Here are three vocab words that I came across in the last couple weeks hopefully we can learn a thing or two.

  • noun ▲ sub·ter·fuge ▲ suhb-ter-fyooj
  • Definition: the use of tricks or deception especially to hide, avoid, or get something
  • Example: The fitness blogger used fake before & after photos to get users to sign up for her workout routines by subterfuge.

2. Attrition
  • noun ▲ at·tri·tion ▲ uh-trish-uh n
  • Definition: a reduction, decrease or decline in numbers, size, or strength
  • Example: The graduating class of 2015 had a high rate of attrition as they moved away for college.

3. Clairvoyant
  • adjective ▲ clair·voy·ant ▲ klair-voi-uh nt
  • Definition: the ability to see objects or actions beyond the ordinary range of perception
  • Example: Sally seemed to be clairvoyant because she accurately guessed my middle name on the first try.

Feel free to click on the links; they go to the definition page so you can understand more about each word. I included summarized versions, but there's always more to learn. Did you know any of these prior to reading this post? I challenge you to write a comment & add a sentence using one of these vocab words! :]

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