Kids are magical creatures. They are tiny humans filled with joy, a zest for knowledge & the need for exploration. Adults can learn a lot from them. We are bogged down by stress, problems, & to do lists. Perhaps we should take a moment to see the world from a child's eyes. What can we gain from their way of life? Here are 6 things adults can learn from kids.

life lesson

Ask questions - "What is that called? Why are you doing that? Can I help?" Sometimes it feels like you can't answer all the questions that are perpetually blasting at you like a machine gun, but they just want to understand more. Adults, don't lose your zest for life. Asking questions means learning answers which means growing your knowledge. A child's mind is like a sponge. Learn from them.

Love wholeheartedly - Love is in the air! Kids love you. They love regardless of ethnicity, religion, & social status. They love their favorite show, their doll, their coloring book, their teacher. They are obsessed with everything & aren't afraid to show it. Adults can take note. Be expressive & show your love. Love life as it comes.

Be honest - Kids are honest, sometimes brutally honest. They don't care what people think. They will point out your big pimple or comment on your messy hair. As adults, it helps to have a filter but overall, honesty is the best policy. Tell that person they have spinach stuck in their teeth. Tell your boyfriend what you want for your birthday instead of making him guess. Tell your friend you're feeling too lazy to go out instead of coming up with an elaborate lie.

Be thankful - Ever done something & hated it? Yeah, we all have. But don't let that attitude overrule thankfulness. Kids are content to play with their friends & blow bubbles. Adults sometimes grow to be cynical & unhappy with their daily lives. Change that mindset immediately! 

Wear what you want - We often see children wearing crazy mish mashes of an outfit. Yeah, that's because they aren't scared to dress however they please. Rainbow shirt with jean shorts & a pink sweater & purple shoes? Okay! As we age, we tend to conform to society's ideas. Don't succumb to the pressure. Wear whatever you feel like.

Have fun - Let loose, be silly, & enjoy the day as it is. Kiddos are the first ones on the slide & the last ones to leave. Adults lead stressful lives what with work, family, school, rent, bills, & all. Release some of that stress & just have a bit of fun. Make a work of art in a coloring book; join the mission of building a pillow fort. Let go of some the stress that's piling up.

We can't act like children forever, but we can certainly take some notes on how they live. Give yourself a break & ask yourself "what would a child do?" Which of these do you most think adults could learn from? What other things can kids teach us? Leave a comment! :]

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