Traveling is an experience like no other. You witness firsthand how other people live their daily lives. What do they traditionally eat for breakfast? How many official languages are there? What do their road signs look like? Where do locals hang out after work? These are questions that never crossed my mind until I took that long airplane ride across the globe.

As I sit here in sunny San Diego, I reminisce about the month I spent abroad. I visited Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, & Belgium. I am so overwhelmed with photos, moments, food, & language that's been hard to unwind. After all, less than 24 hours ago I was flying through the air at 521 mph/838 kph on my way to Los Angeles. But now, the photographs I so liberally took are nothing but memories of the past. 
When I close my eyes, I can see the colorful waterfront district of Nyhavn in Copenhagen. I can smell the enticing scent of Belgian waffles wafting into my nose from the streets of Brussels. I can hear the ding dong, sing song ringing of the church bells in Paris. But then I open my eyes. It all disintegrates into reality.

palais de justice
Palais de Justice in Brussels
The reality is that it's 77 degrees. It's time to get back to work. No more grandiose cathedrals. No more French macarons or Belgian waffles. No more. None of that. There's definitely the pluses & minuses of travel, so now I'm experiencing the come down. This is the sobering part where everything comes back into focus.

Now what? Live vicariously through myself & my own photos in the hope of traveling again soon. Find adventure in the every day. Sometimes all you need is a getaway. Sometimes all you need to get away is to go a little further than usual. 

Until then, it's time to kick some butt. Oh yes, you will see some travel posts. Don't worry about that. It will come in due time. I've got thousands of photos to browse. I've got 30+ post ideas. But right now I have some sleep to catch up on. Jet lag is real. So real, y'all. Here's hoping you're having a wonderful day. Where's a place you'd love to visit? How's your summer? What have you been up to? :]

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