Beauty at a bargain is the best. Isn't it? I was searching on Amazon for some products to bring with me on my Europe trip & I found Italia Deluxe on Amazon. I've never heard of the brand before, but it had rave reviews. Most people rated their experience 5/5 stars with only a fraction giving it less than that. I was impressed. Really impressed. So I took the leap.

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italia deluxe

The set comes with 12 lip liners for just under $10. There isn't much information on the brand save for some things I found in the comment section. These liners are reportedly not tested on animals but do contain beeswax. According to the packaging, Italia Deluxe is distributed by City Cosmetics Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. Each liner weighs .08 ounces.

italia deluxe

Take a look at these glorious swatches. I'm seriously dazzled. I have a range of colors, many of which I would never have purchased myself.  But I love them. The variety of hues gives me the opportunity to experiment & expand on my makeup. I get to step out of my comfort zone. Would I normally buy a nude lip liner? No. Did I like it? Very much so.

italia deluxe

These are the colors I got (left to right): Burgundy, Fuchsia, Natural Beige, Plum, Mango, Hot Red, Brown Sugar, Dusty Rose, Magenta, Cabaret, Toast, & Natural.

Observations: Some of the liners are physically longer than the others. That's a little bit weird, but nothing that I can't deal with. Just think about the price! The colors are vivid & vibrant. The lip liners are matte, so they're wearable & easy to build on. I drooled over how buttery the Italia Deluxe ultra fine lip liners apply on the skin. No dragging. A smooth application. Other reviews mentioned that the colors you get are random - if you order the 12 piece Italia Deluxe Lip Liner Set from Amazon, you might not get the same colors as I did.

italia deluxe

In addition, I was attracted to the staying power of these colors. Sometimes you never know how long a certain product will last. It's like the lottery. You buy a ticket & take your chances. My chances were in my favor. The liners stay on my lips for hours! Obviously, if you're eating, drinking, & making out with your lover the lasting power isn't as potent.

italia deluxe

I had a hard time narrowing it down but I did bring five liners along with me on my trip. Can you blame me? They don't take up much room in my suitcase at all & I like the idea of being able to wear a rainbow of colors. My makeup staples are mascara & lipstick. I just like how I feel & look when I wear them.

I haven't seen them available in a few months, so grab Italia Deluxe lip liners before they sell out again.

What are your #1 & #2 must have makeup items? What do you think of these liners? Any color stand out to you? :]

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