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Nick de la Hoyde's "Passion" Shines Through

Where's the party at? That's what I'm wondering. And apparently so is Nick de la Hoyde, an up & coming rapper. His EP "Passion" dropped June 30th of this year. The EP is short & sweet with six songs to jam to. The music is a tasty combination of hip hop, rap, & a dash of pop. "By My Side," the lead single, leaves you feeling nostalgic. As if the song is about you or about an experience you had. Is it about love? Is it about career? Both? Neither? You decide.

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The 21-year-old singer, songwriter, & rapper hails from Sydney, Australia. Sometimes his accent makes an appearance in his lyrics, but other times it's hardly noticeable. He has a very Beatles-esque quality that way. His accent comes out in waves like salt water coming to tide. The beats are constant & very easily reel you in. For the most part, de la Hoyde's music is mellow but catchy.

With over 130,000 followers on Instagram, he's no small potatoes. His selfies & portraits garner upwards of 3,000 likes apiece. His first single "The Longest Way" was released October 2014 & received some radio time. Remind me again what I accomplished by the age of 21? His music is perfect to listen to on your commute or while going on a leisurely walk. It's not too overbearing or distracting but not slow enough to make you fall asleep. It's got a balance to keep you moving forward. It gets you thinking.

"Where's the Party at?" & "Passion" are my favorite tunes from de la Hoyde's EP. They have some spice to give you a hint of the flavor de la Hoyde's music possesses. I was surprisingly captivated by his songs & their beat. I am often attracted to certain genres, hip hop & rap are absolutely in that category. That said, I genuinely like de la Hoyde's music! His "Passion" shines through, especially for someone as young as 21. Let's see where he goes from here.

What do you think of Nick de la Hoyde's music? Is it to your liking? What were/are you doing at age 21? :]

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  1. sounds so nice and chill... thanks for sharing!

  2. You have such a nice blog! Keep up a good work! <3

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    Let me know on my blog & I'll follow back right away.

  3. It was a really cool and interesting song! Thanks for sharing it with us & the information about the artist! He is really good! :)

  4. I love how it sounds! Thanks for sharing it!
    Have an amazing day xx

  5. Always fun to find a new fave musician.
    I'm all into into indie rock artists and also EDMish music... I have been for a few years.
    When I was 21... I really remember liking that song by Enrique Iglesias called "I Like It." I went to Miami and that was like THE ANTHEM, because of Jersey Shore. I was all into radio tunes, like top 100. I'm a little less mainstream now.

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  6. Rap is usually a hit or miss for me, but I really like this. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. I'm digging this track! You definitely have a talent for writing music reviews :)

    To answer you question about the piggy donuts, they're from Fantastic Donut on S. Vermont! They have lots of different critters to choose from.


  8. Awesome vibe... It's always fun to find new music. I wish I were this accomplished at 21 haha.



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