Time to challenge your brain & widen your mental dictionary. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to my premier Vocabulary Time! post, I decided to definitely keep the series going. You can always find a beauty review or a cool style post, but there's not as much content available for pursuing a greater education. Regardless if English is your mother tongue, you can still learn. Let's do it together! 

vocabulary time

When I watch television & movies I like to utilize the closed captioning; it helps me to be aware of every word. It also gives me the opportunity to see & hear words in context. I like to write the words down so I can look them up later. These are three words that piqued my interest. Here's the second round of Vocabulary Time!  You don't have to like it but you'll learn from it. 

  • adjective ▲ per·ni·cious ▲ per-nish-uh s 
  • Definition: causing great harm, injury, or hurt, especially in a gradual or subtle way 
  • Example: Alvin spread pernicious lies about his coworkers to ruin their reputation. 

2. Fracas
  • noun ▲ fra·cas ▲ frey-kuh s 
  • Definition: a noisy argument, fight, or uproar 
  • Example: The police were called after the drunk girls got into a fracas at the bar. 

3. Louche 
  • adjective ▲ loosh ▲ loosh 
  • Definition: dubious; questionable; not reputable 
  • Example: Although she didn't say it out loud, Madison's grandmother thought the house was decorated in a louche & bohemian way. 

Just like last time, if you want to learn more about the word & get more in depth with the definitions, please click the corresponding link. Here's hoping we can learn something new every day. Did you know any of these words prior to this mini vocab session? I challenge you to leave a comment utilizing one of these vocabulary words. You can include more words for extra credit. :]

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